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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 51 comment on 11/24/2022, 9:48am...

Psalm 51.

This is the famous Psalm that I quote fairly often in regard to the "broken and contrite" heart (Verse 17). The previous verse discusses how God does not desire sacrifice. That is because no animal sacrifice could fully or permanently atone for sins; and that the sins David committed were according to the law death penalty violations. That would be for both the adultery and arranging for the murder of Uriah.

Verse 4 has been explained as being the ultimate offense in any transgression; namely sinning against God. I cannot find a satisfactory explanation as to the meaning as it is clear that he sinned against Bathsheeba; Uriah and even with the person that he compelled to bring Bathsheeba to him in the first place. It could be said that Bathsheeba herself was putting herself into a compromising position; although whether it was a deliberate seduction it is hard to say if that was a normal bathing place. Also she didn't apparently resist David's advances so he could say that he didn't force himself on her. Also the death of Uriah was due to placing him in the front lines and "leaving it to fate" as it were. Certainly getting him drunk and enticing him to lay with his wife so that he could be the one who everyone thought got her pregnant was a sin as well. Whether he had asked forgiveness for any of these actions against people before this isn't known.

Hopefully others can give futher insight. In any event; clearly David was immediately repentant after Nathan's challenge and wrote this Psalm.

An intersting side note with verses 11 through 13 demonstrates that for the sake of a good witness to others; we ask God to keep working through His Holy Spirit and therefore others through seeing God's joy will be converted (verse 13). That is more of a New Testament concept it seems that David had some insight into. If we are more concerned with the lost than self justification than God will probably be more apt to answer our prayers.


S Spencer's Psalms Chapter 51 comment on 7/18/2022, 8:10pm...

Amen Ann.

A man after his own heart.


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