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Dav47's Mark Chapter 9 comment on 5/29/2022, 8:13am...

JESUS was talking about the Church not any member of a person's body (GOD forbid); it is against doctrine to mutilate the flesh for anything.

The subject was others who went out and healed in JESUS name but were not part of the group of disciples fallowing JESUS. Other words the many member body of CHRIST; church. . CHRIST was saying don't condemn them for they were working to spread the gospel and church as a whole, if it wasn't so they would not of been able to dispel spirits. Mark 9:40

A church is made up of many members (1 Corinthians 12:12-:31). You have a preacher the (head) of the church, deacons (eyes), collectors (hands) etc for examples. If you have a member of a church that causes chaos you are to dispose of it quickly before it grows. Take gossip for instance, you are to stop it in its tracks. If you have a deacon (eyes) of a church pluck it out-if he is causing say gossiping ex. about member/members; other words kick him out the church so the whole body doesn't suffer and the whole church burns.


Streetpreacher's Mark Chapter 9 comment on 5/28/2022, 4:47pm...

I don't see anything humorous about it. We're being warned we are about to fall into a ditch. I find Jesus's teachings, serious, on target and kinda fatherly. Not many people remember the old saying, "Little pitchers have big ears."

What does Mark 9:43 mean?

Jesus' words about a vague sin committed by a concrete body part parallels how scholars at that time spoke of concrete sins committed by an abstract body part, such as the heart. In Jesus' manner of speaking, the emphasis is placed on the choice, the action, and the responsibility of the perpetrator. The "hand" is a metaphor for the way in which the heart may lead the person to do something sinful. [like don't send your 5yr old into the house to get daddy another beer]

The transition from Jesus' warning about causing others to sin in verse 42 is not as abrupt as it appears. Just as our heart may cause our hand to commit a sinful act, so it may cause a child or a younger Christian to commit a sinful act. Both require that we take serious steps to prevent our hearts from sinning.

The term translated as "hell" in English is literally tn geennan. This is a reference to the Valley of Hinnom, the dump outside of Jerusalem where animal carcasses and other waste was burned. During the times of the worst idolatry in Israel, parents sacrificed their children to Molech by placing them in glowing-hot metal statues (Jeremiah 7:31; 19:5; 32:35). Good king Josiah tore down the altars and dedicated the valley to the burning of offal (2 Kings 23:10).

To "enter life" doesn't refer to being born. As "hell" means eternal punishment, "life" means eternal paradise for those who are saved by Christ. Jesus isn't giving a detailed description of eternity, here. Like in Matthew 5, He's illustrating how impossible it is to keep from sinning. Our resurrected bodies will not reflect the hardships we experienced in this life. Paul describes our new bodies as imperishable, glorified, and empowered (1 Corinthians 15:42-49)


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