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T. Levis's John Chapter 13 comment about verse 15 on 8/26/2020, 10:54am...

Luke 22:26

Mark 10:43 -45


Alex's John Chapter 13 comment on 8/25/2020, 6:44am...

Alex comments about y Jesus washed their feet,it was not about their feet it was about their hearts their feet was their hearts spritualy speaking that needed washing a new heart and a new spirit was what they needed . Jesus said he that eats bread with me has lifted up his Heel against me but Judas neva lifted up his heel against Jesus, Judas neva assaulted Jesus with his feet, Judas neva kicked Jesus, Judas assaulted Jesus with his heart the scriptures say that Satan had entered the HEART of Judas to betray him, Its mans hearts that need washing our hearts is satans house thats y Jesus said you are not all clean, there is a bit of our carnal mind that is in rank with satan,Thats y Jesus called Peter satan. But Judas neva assaulted Jesus with his heel, neva did kick JESUS, JUDAS ASSAULTED JESUS WITH HIS HEART, An old friend that EATS bread with me has lifted up his heel against ME, We love to eat at his table ( hearing his parables ) but we assault him with our old evil adamic nature,Thats y he told Peter thou art an offence unto me. Our carnal mind is our foot spritually speaking. We walk with Jesus in the spirit thus our heart is our feet that is made clean by his word.When he washed their feet he said you are made clean by the word i have spoken unto you. Thats y he told Judas it wd have been better if he were neva born which is true of all of us it wd have been better if our old adamic nature had neva been born that y we must be bornagain and is the reason Jesus had to die that we might all get a seed and incorruptible seed the words of the new covenant. When a seed dies it multiplies which is gonna give mankind a new heart and a new spirit a new innerman which is the H.G. The bible scholars got it all wrong the foot washing was not about out literal feet.Our personal hygene does not defile us ( our feet etc ) Jesus said its the things that come from the heart that defiles a man thus we need a new heart and a new spirit NEW AS IN NEW BIRTH THAT NEW EARTH ETC


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