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Fizzypatrick k munyemesha's John Chapter 13 comment about verse 19 on 2/26/2021, 4:55am...

Its nice to know there are signs of the end time


Chris's John Chapter 13 comment on 2/21/2021, 5:11am...

The question is if partaking of Communion, whether "buffet-style" or even a la carte, is found in Scripture.

As I gather from the Word, the believers met for fellowship & enjoyed a meal together. During that meal, one arose, using that time & the food before them, to remember the death of the Saviour. My Scriptural warrant for this is found in 1 Corinthians 11:20-23, where the Apostle Paul chastised those who came to these gatherings & gorged themselves with the food & drink disregarding the others waiting to eat. By doing so, they also showed disdain for the Lord's Supper, which probably followed their meal, by one giving thanks in remembrance of the Lord's death. So it seems that whenever the believers met, they understood the solemness of the occasion, as their 'love feast' also became an opportunity to remember the Lord.

Since it would be difficult or impractical to do things in such a manner now, the Church today adopts a faster more manageable method of giving out the elements. Whether or not this is the manner acceptable by the Lord, would be the judgement by the partaker. Personally, I don't care for our practise - I feel we need to at least go some way closer to what was intended by the Lord. The Christian Brethren actually have a loaf of bread (though leavened) passed around, from which people take a chunk & then drink from the same large cup.

Certainly, the sin of some of the Corinthians wouldn't be replicated now, as there wouldn't be a lot on the plate to satisfy even a little hunger, as the next persons to be served look on critically whether there would be anything left for him.


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