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Chris's Acts Chapter 11 comment on 2/10/2023, 12:58am...

Hi T. Levis. If I remember correctly, the enquirer, Herbert, had asked this same question in another thread, to which I had responded. And it was actually Acts 12:2,17 that he was referring to, i.e. the difference between James, brother of John and James, the Lord's brother.


T Levis's Acts Chapter 11 comment on 2/09/2023, 11:27pm...

Acts 11,

Acts 11:2 Peter, was come up to Jerusalem._._. Acts 11:13, the man in Joppa, sent men to call for Peter, it doesn't seem to mention the name of the man, nor the other men Peter ministered to. Acts 11:17, Peter talking explained the Gentile was also given the Holy Spirit & Salvation, not just Jewish people. Galatians 3:28, Romans 1:16,

Luke 24, Peter was one of the 1st witnesses to see the empty

tomb. Luke 24:12, John 21, Jesus meets with Peter after resurrection again & tells him If you love Me feed My lambs.

Acts 2, shows Peter speak boldly in front of thousands Acts 2:14-47,

Hopefully these are helpful


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