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Michael homan's Isaiah Chapter 8 comment on 11/27/2022, 8:46pm...

verse 13

Let him be your Fear

Let him be your dead

God is the only one

who can extinguish

both flesh and soul


Richard H Priday's Isaiah Chapter 8 comment on 2/03/2022, 5:19pm...

This chapter shows how the King of Assyria was to overtake the land before Isaiah's son was beyond toddler stage and take their wealth (verse 4). This could very well allude to the final "Assyrian" mentioned in Isaiah 10; and other passages that describe one of the names for Antichrist. As in other chapters in the book of Isaiah; judgment is clearly given due to people's lack of fear in God alone (verse 13). Verse 14 singles out both houses of Israel (likely the northern and southern Kingdoms) who reject the Rock of Christ for protection hence He becomes their enemy. The confederacy in verse 9 through 12 may very well also allude to the Tribulation where trust in the Antichrist and the confederacy of nations in the Daniel 9:27 treaty will become a trap for those trusting in this peace plan to protect them from attack. Their destruction after attacking Israel is clear in verse 9.d God's hidden status toward Israel in verse 17; and the children God has given "me" in verse 18 has been explained as a veiled reference to those raptured who were "given to Christ" as those the Father chose to be redeemed. The rest of the passage in verses 19 to 22 once again demonstrates the view of those "earth dwellers" (Rev. 11:10; 13:8; etc). The unregenerated unprotected from the seal judgments and those to follow will curse both "their king and their God" (verse 21); much like what occurs in descriptions of the bowl judgments in Revelation.

They are as the last verse in this chapter indicates "driven to darkness". Our only hope is Christ; and we must be saved from our fallen state in THIS lifetime; once our soul separates from our body it is too late to change.


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