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Mishael's Isaiah Chapter 8 comment about verse 17 on 6/17/2021, 1:36am...

I believe the Lord is calling you to intercessory prayer. Your burden is very palpable. Rick Renner ministries online are a large group of intercessors. You might look at his website.

Since all this church persecution started, I've often thought we should have church services in church grounds or public parks. Belting out, "What A Mighty God We Serve!" Our God is an Awesome God (2 of my favs)

Kinda like a soccer game where everyone brings their own fold out chair and a water. Why can't we take it outside?

In the 80's, the street ministers and some churches showed the old rapture movies on the Courthouse lawn or someone's private lot with electricity to run the movies. We all sat on quilts. It was loads of fun and togetherness. Lots of strangers came and sat down to watch it too. There was plenty of people around to ask people if they wanted to receive Christ as their Savior?

How hard is it to rig a microphone and let people tell 5 minutes of their testimony?

The 1 time in history when we really should impeach a few people and we're paralyzed with fear? I don't understand it. If it's because of stimulus checks ? It ought not be. That's your childs future being bankrupted.

There's no such thing as free flowing money in this life. Anyone notice the drought? Cost of food is going through the roof.

It seems to me that America aborted their future tax payers. The book of Leviticus 26 warns that the children will eat their parents. They are eating you. Free room and board, open fridge, no survival skills; just consuming skills.

Try to think this through. You have to lead these kids. God knows our country's leaders aren't going to do it. They got us all immobilized and scared.

Somehow we have to find strength to follow the one person who had all the answers: JESUS.


Warren Gibbs's Isaiah Chapter 8 comment about verse 17 on 6/16/2021, 3:25pm...

This is exactly the case with the churches in America today. God is hiding his face from them. They have no salt within themselves as is abundantly proven by their cowardly response to the states covid 19 restrictions forbidding them to meet but in very small numbers, and requiring they sit all muffled up and 5, 6, 7, or 8 feet apart at that. The word of the Lord is "forsake not the assembling of your selves together as the manner of some is." But what have we done? We have decided to obey man rather than God. So what has God done? He has done exactly what he said he would. We have forsaken him. So he has forsaken us, and is hiding his face from us.


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