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T Robinson Ahlstrom's Psalms Chapter 42 comment on 7/09/2021, 6:34am...

Satan tempts to sin and then, if we succumb, uses our failure to cloud our minds, wound our hearts and break our wills. We must remember that we matter not to him. His attack is on our Redeemer and Friend, the LORD Jesus.

But, the cross turned out, not to be Satan's great victory, but his full and final defeat. In the same way, his relentless attacks on Christ's Church are, in the in the all-wise providence of the Almighty, a primary means by which we are fitted for Heaven.

As surely as the LORD Jesus rose from the grave, the Holy Spirit of The Holy God will give us the victory so that we may, at last, be presented "faultless before the throne of His Glory."

Knowing this, we must not surrender to despair but fly to Jesus whose infinite love will never reject his bride.


Mishae's Psalms Chapter 42 comment on 5/22/2021, 6:53pm...

If you type HART or ROE in the search box (where you drop into this website)

The search engine will pull up every scripture with those words in it. You can even scroll downward and read a Matthew Henry commentary.

A Roe is a rabbit.


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