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Psalms Chapter 42


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Robert J DeHaan's Psalms Chapter 42 comment on 1/07/2022, 9:14pm...

This psalm as always helped me through difficult times in my life when unbelief and doubt stole my joy. A vexed soul to me is who never takes the Word of God seriously. The Lord can cure every type of heartache the soul can experience. Jesus Christ knows us better than we know ourselves. Nothing is hidden from our Creator who breaths life into every living thing. He knows what happened yesterday, today and everyday in our future. He gave you and I free will to choose Him or to choose self. We know for the vast majority self is is #1. Only Jesus Christ can change our way of living life to the fullest. Hope thou in God are very powerful words that people need to know, Praise the Lord morning, noon and evening. You can not have a vexed soul if you Praise Him with Thanksgiving in our hearts. Count it all Joy, for His eye is even on the sparrow. Thank you Lord for saving my soul and making me whole once again. Amen, in Christ's Name we pray.


David's Psalms Chapter 42 comment on 8/26/2021, 12:16am...

Thank you Lord for being my rock, my buckler, and shield. Your loving kindness is in the daytime, and your song at night. Though the world and flesh surround me, thou art ever my hope.

Bless the people in Afghanistan, the saints, and all who are calling on you. Make our men and women in authority realize they need your salvation and wisdom to complete the task before the us all. Thank you for blessing, and keeping Jerusalem as your Word dictates. May we all stand fast in you as our Anchor. August 26, 2021


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