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Chris's Exodus Chapter 20 comment on 11/27/2020, 10:16pm...

Just as God rested from His creative Work, He also instituted a day of Rest (Shabbat) for Israel. They were to do no servile work at all, limited in how far they could travel, use the time to reverence the day. For Gentiles, God expects that we too need a day of rest in the week, for our bodies to re-energize, relax, spend time with family, etc. Often, we get two days in the week to do this, but in many countries, they only get one day. There's no constraint on what we do during our Rest Day as long as it's a break from the rigours of the 'daily grind'. The Christian however, will use that time to meet together for worship & other ways of ministering to others. However, for the Jew, he has many constraints placed upon him, usually by man & not from God.


When is our Sabbath Day's Exodus Chapter 20 comment on 11/27/2020, 9:57pm...

It was later called the Sabbath Day. Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, and He worked and did healings on that day at times.

Some Churches meet on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday or even Friday.

Find one that teaches Whole Bible that is compatible with your work schedule. Jobs are not as plentiful as they used to be. It may get worse before it gets better. Use some wisdom.

God knows everything we're dealing with and He assuredly can help you find the church that works with peoples schedules.

If someone tries to say you are "out of order", don't worry about them. It's what JESUS demonstrated that matters. He is THE LORD of the Sabbath!!

Not rigid minded Pharisee-like "Christians".


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