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Conchita's Exodus Chapter 20 comment about verse 23 on 7/10/2020, 12:29pm...

Thank you for your response. However, you misunderstood my question. I was not asking why it is that some religions observe the Sabbath on Sunday, rather than on Saturday. My question was regarding what, exactly, is the 4th Commandment. I was taught that it is "Honor thy father and thy mother," and, applied that answer to the question posted in the "Bible Trivia" quiz. I was surprised when my answer turned out to be incorrect. I listed the 10 Commandments in the order in which I was taught. To my understanding of the KJV, as well as the Catholic Version, it would appear that the Fourth Commandment is, "Honor thy father and thy mother," not, "Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy." See rational below:


Verses 1 - 6 (First Commandment)

Verse 7 (Second Commandment)

Verses 8 - 11 (Third Commandment) "Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy."

Verse 12 (Fourth Commandment) "Honor thy father and thy mother."

Still confused.


Liana's Exodus Chapter 20 comment about verse 4 on 7/10/2020, 4:57am...

The Catholic Church System, changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.

God's law never changes that's why it was written on stone. Nowhere in the bible states that God changed his day of rest from Saturday to Sunday. Do some research on the Roman Emperor Constantine. The Seventh Day Adventist Church is the only Christian organization that recognizes and keep Saturday as the Sabbath day, in fulfillment of God's commandments.


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