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Chris's Exodus Chapter 20 comment on 12/27/2021, 2:46pm...

Hello David. I think your question can best be answered by Jesus Who dealt with this same enquiry by a Jewish lawyer: Luke 10:25-37.

Other passages in the Bible that speak of 'neighbour', generally referred to those in one's own community, as that was what Israel was mostly concerned with. All others were Gentiles to whom Israel had no close dealings with. Unfortunately, they did sin by integrating often with them (idolatry, inter-marriage, slaves, etc.), but the idea of neighbourliness was generally confined to their community or tribe.

Therefore, Jesus' illustration is an apt example of who our neighbour is; not just in our neighbourhood or those we know, but includes all others who come across our life's path. Therefore, I could covet someone else's possessions (or bear false witness against him) even if he only came briefly into my physical view or brought to my knowledge.


David's Exodus Chapter 20 comment on 12/27/2021, 2:27pm...

David welch on Exodus 20 Throughout Gods word there are alwaystwo Great commandments which always hold

true ander the patriarchs the law and grace. Mathew 22:35-40. Thy neighbor is a friend in context and the same

applied all throughout the old testament. Romans 12:17-21.


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