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Star's Exodus Chapter 20 comment on 1/13/2023, 2:22pm...

Why is it that people do not read the beginning of the chapter 3 and obey what Jesus said? John 3:16 is true but we must read the beginning first. Especially John 3:3-7.

Sorry, but water baptism IS most certainly in the new testament. It is about water baptism AND being spirit filled w the Holy Ghost, as we live a holy life for Christ with love.

John 3:3-5 & Matthew 28:19 is fulfilled in Acts 2:38.


GiGi's Exodus Chapter 20 comment on 12/08/2022, 11:14am...

Hello Giannis, good post.

From what I know, one can marry a Catholic and not be required to become a Catholic. This happens all of the time. The matter is that of whether the marriage is considered am approved "Catholic" marriage or not, and this varies from priest to priest, or from bishop to bishop in this denomination.

Also on what you said concerning the commitment of Catholics to true faith, while this is often the case, this is also true of people in other denominations. There are devote and sincere believers in all denominations. And there are those in every denomination who are what is often termed "nominal" or in name only.

A person who is sincerely committed to Jesus should seek to marry someone who is also so. But thinking of the age at which most people marry, both people usually are somewhat immature in life and in faith. So, we marry whom we have chosen and mature in Christ and life together.


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