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Anonymous's Genesis Chapter 8 comment on 2/20/2023, 3:10am...

Christians are the seed of abraham through faith.


GIGI's Genesis Chapter 8 comment on 2/17/2023, 12:02pm...

Dear Country Jean,


It is not accepted, in general, by those of the Reformed, Lutheran, or Anglican/Episcopalian denominations, as they are generally amillennialists.

Dispensational Premillennialism has gone through some revisions over the past 193 years. I suggest that people take the time to study this movement from both the angle of those who support it and those who give reasons they reject it as unbiblical. I have done this very thing over the past several months. Many people grew up with this teaching, so they do not question it. I understand that. For myself I was first introduced to it in my 20's and leaned towards that because I did not have resources to really study it at that time. But after about 10 years, I realized that this does not seem to fit Scripture, so I instead fellowshipped in churches that did not teach it.

And now, 20 years after that, I have taken the time to really investigate it. I wanted to know if this theory has any merit according to Scripture. So I have spent the past few months doing so. I read from both sides, pro and con with my Bible in hand. There are just too many aspects of this theory that I cannot support it. But each person should do their due diligence to test this theory with openness and prayerfulness. If I had this information 40 years ago, I would not have been taken in by the little I knew of it.

Country Jean, I am glad you brought this up. We should always be seekers of the truth in God's Word and be wary of any "new" teachings, revelations, etc. that become the "new ideas" for our faith. Just because something is new does not, in itself, make it incorrect, but there is long-standing consistent teachings across the church age that should also be examined before one takes the teaching of another. The witness of those in the church past are just as valid as any teachings of any person today. Those from the past had the Bible, just like us, to check their thinking against the revealed Word.


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