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Ruth's Genesis Chapter 8 comment on 6/28/2020, 7:18am...

Daniel 12:11- What is the daily sacrifice Daniel is talking about? When the daily sacrifice is abolished....is that our prayers to God?


Paul's Genesis Chapter 8 comment on 6/27/2020, 11:45am...

Our Lord often referred to Himself as the Son of Man.

Our Lord is the Son of Man because He was born.

And by one man who was not born by this man's disobedience we all die.

But by one Man who was born by this Man's righteousness death was overcome.

Consider the greatness of Adam.

Adam was not born.

Adam is not the Son of Man.

Adam is a son of God.

And Adam having not been born is greater than us all.

Thus Adam chosen that in Adam we all die and in Adam we are all on probation with God upon the condition of repentance.

But consider our Lord Jesus Christ who like all of us was born.

Only Christ was born in righteousness and having no disobedience even unto the suffering of the cross by which He partook of that bitter cup the unborn man Adam could not bear and brought us the better even the first resurrection.

For Jesus Christ is greater than Adam.

Jesus Christ is the greatest of all.


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