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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 21 comment on 10/14/2022, 4:54am...

Psalm 21

The Psalm seems to describe a king (small k) which would signify an earthly ruler; and some of the statements from verses 1 through 7 fit that premise. Nonetheless; there are Messianic traits from verse 8 on that indicate either Christ or God Himself fulfilling justice and wrath on the earth in the future.

Verse 4; for instance could fit with promises given to the lineage of David with Solomon; for example whose reign in theory would be infinite if he had remained obedient. These promises; however were not to be met with any fallible human ruler. We see sentiments to this in Psalm 2:7-8 as to us being the reward for Christ's sufferings as His adopted Sons.

Verse 8 talks of the "right hand" of God finding enemies. The right hand of God has been used to signify Christ (Heb. 1:3; Rev. 5:7 etal).

Verse 9 is much like Malachi 4:1 as to the description of Christ's return at Armageddon.


Verse 10 is like Isaiah 14:21 on the offspring of the wicked; and can be related to Revelation 17 and 18 as well with the final destruction of Babylon (also referred to extensively in the writings of Jeremiah).

Verse 11 reminds us of Jeremiah 18:12 as well as other Psalms in the devices of the wicked coming to naught. And verse 12 is similar to Psalm 56:9 although there are other verses that discuss God making people turn their backs before judgment is rendered.

Finally; verse 13 asks God to be exalted so we can praise Him and sing to Him because of His power. This could be singing a "new song" or other related verses (Psalm 98:1 and of course Revelation verses).


David's Psalms Chapter 21 comment on 8/09/2021, 8:27pm...

I shall joy in the greatness of you Lord. You always answer and you stand next to me daily. Thank you for your comfort and peace.

Help me to know you in the depth of your Scripture. Though I do not deserve anything, you have chosen to bless me. May I learn to walk in the integrity of your holiness.

August 2021


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