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Psalms Chapter 21


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Mild Bill's Psalms Chapter 21 comment on 6/21/2020, 5:12am...

When we see the King on the cross, where is his strength?Despite pain and anguish

he has a desire in his heart.His days were never numbered and he was purposed to

accomplish God's will.A gladness of unsurpassed measure was his because he

knew the facial expression,countenance, of the Lord.Yet, it was mercy of the Father

that sustained him in his explicit trust in the Father.A trust that grows within believers,

rooted in the trust of our Lord Jesus,the author and finisher of our faith.Hebrews12:2


Inez's Psalms Chapter 21 comment on 7/23/2019, 8:03pm...

I love this Psalm 21 and I read often. This Psalms came to me in a dream one night where a lady told me to stand and read it in a church. After I woke up the morning I look up the Psalm and read it frequently.


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