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Jesse's 1 Samuel Chapter 4 comment on 5/18/2022, 10:53am...


This is what I learned about 1 Corinthians 16:13. It says, "quit you like men." "And like a man, I've quit several times!" Just kidding, that is not what it means. It's literally one Greek word that means be a man. Moreover, it is associated with courage! Remember what God told Joshua in Joshua 1:8-11? Be of courage Joshua for I am with you wherever you go. So it's not a human courage. It's a spiritual trust that no matter what, we can face anything in life because Christ is there.


Michelle's 1 Samuel Chapter 4 comment on 5/18/2022, 3:22am...

Quit yourselves like men doesn't mean act macho and be ready to fight; that's why "be strong/courageous/etc. is specified ALONGSIDE it. Sometimes the wise and most courageous thing a man can do is stand down and avoid conflict. God calls on us to be humble and gentle as well. Maybe "quit ye like men" simply means "Act like men/humans/civilized", etc. Because it warlording were in every man's inherent nature, then those other traits wouldn't have needed to be clarified.


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