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Joel Metzger's Psalms Chapter 89 comment on 3/16/2021, 6:40am...

Thanks for the tip! I downloaded YouVersion app then KJV with audio, works fine, hopefully audio feature is playing from download and not streaming from internet, takes to much data.

I have never heard of those Metzger names, earliest ancestors I am aware of in my lineage are a Phillip & Phoebe Metzger migrated to U.S.A. Marion county Ohio, from Baden-Baden, Germany around 1840.



SkipVought's Psalms Chapter 89 comment on 3/15/2021, 4:38pm...


Can't answer anything about the audio Bible here. You can download You Version and get the KJV audio.

BTW, do you have a Craven (Jack) & Emily Metzger ancestor?


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