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Deborah's Hebrews Chapter 10 comment about verse 25 on 10/18/2020, 9:44am...

in times now (2020) we are now having to be connected on phone lines and in some form of communication. God ( JESUS) should never be taken from our hearts and our thoughts, so as it speaks of assembling of ourselves together this is a sure way of uncertainty if we are truly for God are churches are separated our members are scattered seeking their strength and falling weak to divers temptations the word of God Should Always be in our hearts, minds, and spirit. We as christians should be as a spreading fire spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ never to feel that we are alone. we are together with the LORD.


Chris's Hebrews Chapter 10 comment about verse 32 on 9/25/2020, 8:42pm...

Do you mean why the KJV & some other versions use the word 'illuminated' instead of 'enlightened'? If so, both words mean the same in the original Greek 'photizo' = to enlighten, illumine, to bring light, to reveal.

In Hebrews 6:4, the word used there is 'enlightened' which is from the same root word 'photizo'. Why the difference, I can't tell.

But if you mean why a change was made in the KJV to read 'illuminated', then that question can only be answered to those who were involved in the translation.


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