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Jesse's Hebrews Chapter 10 comment on 8/11/2021, 2:36pm...


Hebrews 10:26 is not referring to saved believers. The writer of Hebrews is speaking to unsaved Hebrew people. He says, for if we sin willfully, that is, we go back to serving the principle of sin, after that we have received the knowledge of the truth,

We know from Hebrews Chapter 6 that those who were enlightened, that are no longer coming for fellowship, just because they were enlightened doesn't mean they're saved.

The Lord can enlighten someone as to the knowledge of the truth, they know the truth, they have seen the truth, they understand the truth, but have never surrendered their life to Christ.

That's what was taking place here. They were following along and being enlightened, but wouldn't surrender their lives to Christ because they would be severely persecuted for turning away from Judaism and receiving Christ as their Messiah. For them, it was much easier to go back to Judaism.

It says, "If we sin willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins,

The writer is speaking to Jewish/Hebrew people who were being enlightened to the truth, but instead of turning away from Judaism and surrendering their life to Christ, they were considering going back into Judaism.

What this verse is saying is that if they go back into old Judaism, they're not going to find any sacrifice there that's going to take care of their sin problem if you leave Christ.

The consequences of a true believer who continues in sin, if they are truly saved, the Lord will deal with them. He disciplines those who truly belong to Him. And sometimes His discipline can be pretty harsh!

Another thing I believe, and I think scripture backs it up, is that someone who is truly born of the Spirit of God, that person will no longer live a lifestyle of sin because the Spirit in them will convict them of their sin and keep them from habitually practicing sin.


Jesse's Hebrews Chapter 10 comment on 8/11/2021, 2:10pm...


You have perfectly described a person who has never been saved. The only thought I have concerning your last statement is that there is no such thing as Christians who want to be saved. But you are right on concerning those who continue to live a lifestyle of sin. Thank you for sharing that!


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