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Chris's Hebrews Chapter 10 comment on 7/11/2020, 8:52pm...

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The first part of knowing & accepting God's forgiveness is agreeing with God that He has indeed called you to repentance, He has truly forgiven you & accepted you according to His Word, you are in His family now & at great liberty to partake of His goodness & enjoy the new life He has given you. To harbour fears of being unacceptable & in judgement are no longer of the Lord, but of the enemy of your soul who wants to keep you caged & bound in his lies. Continue to read & study the Scriptures with this thought in mind. I always recommend the study of 1 John & especially for you, chapter 5, verse 13: a very positive confirmation to all who have called upon the Name of the Lord for salvation, "These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that YE MAY KNOW (i.e. to know with all assurance) that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God." Do you believe? Have you put your faith in Jesus? Then the promise is that YOU HAVE ETERNAL LIFE NOW & nothing, but nothing, can separate you from God's Love because He now only sees you through His Son, His only begotten still with the nail scarred Hands. Such is His Love for you - Hold onto Him - He's holding onto you.


Chris's Hebrews Chapter 10 comment on 7/11/2020, 8:52pm...

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Richard, if I could add to Fred's good advice to you. Oftentimes, we Christians look at a Scripture & form a judgement, whether to our favour or not. It's always a good practise to learn as much as you can about a Bible book in regards to the authorship, readership, reasons for writing, etc. Hebrews was written primarily to Jews who had converted to Christ or likely, appeared to do so. So, unlike Gentile converts, these Jews had a lot of the OT already in their minds & so the writer had to deal with much of that. We can't go into that here; as you read this epistle with that in mind, you will some of these hurdles they had to overcome.

Heb 10:26,27, is one of those warnings given. It was directed to some who had or were planning to leave the faith (apostatize); in other words, they wanted to reject Christ & His salvation preferring to return to Judaism. Hence the 'sin' spoken of in v26, is the sin of Christ rejection by turning back to Judaism. So the writer goes on in v28,29, that if those who wilfully disobeyed the Law in times past were executed for their crime, how much more worthy will be the punishment for any who now consider the Sacrifice of Christ as a useless vain offering, showing hatred to God's gracious Work.

Do you believe the above applies to you brother? I would think not, but you know your circumstances. As well, when these apostates left, they would have not had any convictions about their actions - they were cast off to join the throng of Christ-rejectors, & more so, having also once been partakers of the Spirit's offerings (6:4-6, shows the same warning there also). Your moving testimony of your spiritual struggle tells us that the Spirit of God has been working on you right through your life. No-one who has been cast off from God ever senses conviction & a call to repentance. You have responded to His Call, in spite of self will & obstinacy in the past.


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