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GiGi's Exodus Chapter 40 comment on 10/02/2022, 8:11pm...

Exodus Ch. 40

This is the final chapter of this book. God instructs Moses to erect the tabernacle and tent of meeting on the first day of the new year (which would be in the month of Nissan (March/April). So, the first year since leaving Egypt was coming to a close. And now, the Israelites are facing the dawning of the second year. The trip from Egypt to Canaan could have been traveled in a few months (considering there was over a million people) but God had them tarry at certain places. He had them camp before Mt. Sinai for most of the year. Now, on the first of the new year, Moses does as God commanded him, erecting the tent of meeting with the tabernacle within and the roof overhead. He placed all of the furnishings in the tent just as God had told him to do. Moses was so dedicated to obeying God. His time on the mountain must have created a deep and abiding relationship between Moses and YHWH. Of all the Israelites, Moses, understood YHWH's worth and the necessity to obey Him was unquestionable.

After everything is in place and the priests anointed for their service, YHWH fills the tent of meeting with His Presence (the cloud by day/fire by night). This Presence was so intense that even Moses could not enter the tent of meeting. How bright the light of the pillar must have been and how thick the clouds of the pillar. It seems that YHWH aimed to make the tent of meeting impenetrable as long as His Presence filled it. No one can push through to the presence of God. God has to allow it on His grounds for His reasons. The Israelites must have sensed the weight of His Glory and knew that YHWH definitely was in charge of them and their situation. I don't think God revealed His Presence this way to keep His people away from Him. I think He revealed Himself this way so that they would comprehend how powerful and holy He is, both creating trust and fear in them.

The chapter closes by saying that as long as YHWH's Presence was over the tent of meeting, they put.


Richard H Priday's Exodus Chapter 40 comment on 2/24/2022, 3:04pm...

I got it wrong. In Leviticus (chapter 4 or 5 I think) there is a mention of the perpetual fire of the sacrifice that was NEVER to be put out day and night. THAT was what I believe finally went out around AD 70. It would be an extrabiblical text. Clearly, when the curtain rent after the death of Messiah the inner sanctuary was accessible to all believers through His death and subsequent Resurrection. It would seem that the further sacrifices would no longer be effective at best; perhaps there somehow was some protection until that generation passed before the inevitable judgment came in time and space. We are reminded of Hebrews here where Christ ever intercedes for us at the right hand of God for the propitiation of our sins (may be one or two verses).

In the sacrifices; it is also interesting that His blood covers the mercy seat in heaven; and it is certainly possible that in Isaiah where He returns with garments dipped in blood (also in Revelation in Armageddon)-that could literally be the blood of His sacrifice. That would show that we are either covered by His blood or our blood will be required (or explains the verse of falling on Him or the ROCK falling on us).


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