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GiGi's Micah Chapter 7 comment on 7/06/2022, 9:35am...


When we choose to forgive another person, it can take time to get the hurt and even anger out of our system when we recall what was said of done to us by another person. It helps to make a decision that when you think of them and /or the offense to acknowledge that they sinned against you but remind yourself and that you have forgiven them and pray for them. Also, determining that you will treat them with love, respect, and kindness instead of anger and resentment or payback is a good approach to interacting people who have sinned against you. If the person you are forgiving has a habit of being hurtful, it can be best to limit your interactions with that person or simply replace the relationship with someone who is godly and kind.


Streetpreacher's Micah Chapter 7 comment on 7/06/2022, 4:13am...

God wants us to follow His Son, Jesus.

He desires we walk in forgiveness.

We can still love family and friends that are not saved_yet. You, praying on your knees might break the chains that hold them captive. That is true love.

It is probably best if we separate ourselves from drunken parties and etc. Not dress like we used to. You know what I mean?

It's best to witness our change in a smaller get togethers. If they ask you why your face seems to glow? You can tell them Jesus is the reason.

You can invite them to meet you at your church, so you can sit together. Pray to the Lord to touch their hearts with the power of the Holy Spirit.

One person praying for others can be the reason they come to know Jesus. Don't be weary in well doing. Faith goes where angels fear to tread. We have Jesus as our protection. Let your faith get huge, reading the Bible.

We can grow from David the shepherd boy, to David, Giant Killer. His faith was in God__not his ability to throw rocks. God took the rock and it caved-in Goliaths nasal cavities and entered his brain. Instant death. I know that sounds gross.

But David had challenged God, and God sent David to confront Goliath. David only knew that God would go with him. Maybe David was about your age. :)


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