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GRACE_ambassador {ChrisE}'s Deuteronomy Chapter 6 comment on 8/30/2021, 6:20pm...

Amen, Precious brother Rick. Totally concur! I gave up, half a century ago, of "voting for the LESSER of Two evils." I do pray for them daily. Praise God IF soon DEPARTURE from this Very sin-SICK planet, as SOON as we preach The Gospel Of AMAZING GRACE to "the LAST member of The Body Of CHRIST"!! Amen?


Rick's Deuteronomy Chapter 6 comment on 8/30/2021, 4:23pm...

Racism Being Legislated In Our Schools One of the problems with what your commenting on and I'm not saying I disagree I've met so many so Called Christians in my life that pre judge I've lost count. I've also talked to so called Christians that talk washington should change but when you start wanting to take action then they start saying about well I'm affiliated with this political party or that political party.

Believing Gods word does not have political affiliation and yet I was in numerous churches who stated if you don't vote for so and so your not believing God. MY bible says to pray for the people in office, not to dictate who should be in the office, that's a matter of judging individual character or leader. I have personally known two Christians who were voted in office in Pa. and resigned in 30 days because they couldn't stand the hypocrisy practiced by other representatives behind closed doors. These were so called Christians.

I don't think what you are asking for will ever occur because unfortunately even in the body of Christ there are too many politics. We are called to save people who choose to believe the political arena will never be changed. The political systems are not run by our God. Abe lincoln read a lot of the bible His Wife had seances in the white house, Ronald Reagan was considered a christian and so was Nancy she held seances in the white house. Just food for thought. In His Service


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