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Claire's Deuteronomy Chapter 6 comment about verse 18 on 10/17/2020, 7:56am...

Page 3 to my last comment.

Thank you for your encouragement, support & your prayers. I already see God's Hand at work in my life just by chatting to people on here & having things validated by people. I'm sure that I will start to notice more positive things in people around me too now I'm feeling more positive about my of situation.

God bless you & your family.

Kind Regards



Claire's Deuteronomy Chapter 6 comment about verse 18 on 10/17/2020, 7:43am...

Page 2 to my last comment.

I believe that God is already dealing with situation & that He will continue His work in me & heal me. I know I can't erase the past, but God is helping me to deal with it through Christ's love & life in me.

I feel like the Holy Spirit is working on me to have a healthy mind & healthy relationships. My relationship with my daughter & my mum is a lot better lately & I don't feel like I'm preaching to them as much, because this is what caused the problems. My circumstances haven't changed, in fact, my finances have got worse lately, but I trust the Holy Spirit is in the process of dealing with it because I have peace about it. I also believe my negative thoughts are being removed & being replaced with positive ones too. I am beginning to see more good in others rather than focussing on the bad. I know that God is in control & I believe that He works all things for good. I believe that we can do all things through Christ & that God's grace is sufficient for us & He is making all my imperfections perfect one by one that I couldn't do on my own. I wouldn't say that I'm at the point where I welcome problems, but I am definitely more content about them nowadays. Praise God !!!


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