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S Spencer's Romans Chapter 8 comment on 6/08/2022, 9:12pm...

Amen Brother Chris.

God bless you.


Chris's Romans Chapter 8 comment on 6/08/2022, 4:42am...

Thanks brother S. Spencer for that great article which clearly describes why the 'evil' we face in the world is actually God's opportunity for the demonstration of His Love; that in one sense, evil should be welcomed that we might both prove & delight ourselves in that all-surpassing Power of His Love towards us to overcome it & have peace going through it. Paul expressed this same thought when afflicted with that 'thorn in his flesh' (2 Corinthians 12:7-10).

But would the skeptic see it this way? Some might as they genuinely seek to understand the matter at this deeper level. Though I dare say, that most skeptics would rather believe in & desire a god of their own making - one that resembles a Father Christmas, with plenty of Ho, Ho, Ho, giving gifts & removing all pain & sorrow. But the quick fix they seek for their ills can never fix the far greater evil of sin - only a loving God can do that, giving hope in this life and a sure promise for the next.


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