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Kalop Peppers's Song of Solomon Chapter 3 comment about verse 4 on 4/10/2021, 5:18pm...


I love you heavenly father with all my heart mind soul and strength amen


David A G's Song of Solomon Chapter 3 comment on 10/26/2020, 4:37pm...

Verse one refers to the night, which can indicate a spiritual atmosphere in which it's difficult to get through to God in prayer; the Bride-to-be-of-Jesus finds herself in this very predicament...."I sought Him, but I found Him not". The term bed would normally refer to a place of rest, but here it symbolizes a place of ease, because she had not responded to the Bridegroom's invitation to separate herself unto Him (in the previous chapter) by going to the mountains of Bether. In verse three, when the Bride-to-be asks the watchman of the city if they've seen her true-love, they don't have the depth of relationship in their walk in order to answer her. Thankfully, in verse four, her desperation soon brings her into the presence of the one she loves, and immediately she revels in her original encounter with Him (that would encompass her birthing, as it were, in the womb of the church).


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