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Robert Johnson's Psalms Chapter 75 comment on 10/20/2020, 12:20am...

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Mishael on Psalm 756's Psalms Chapter 75 comment about verse 6 on 5/24/2020, 10:17am...

Psalm 75:6

Verse 6-10. The rise and fall of nations and empires are in this Psalm ascribed to God. He exalts one and puts down another at his pleasure.

In this he generally uses instrumentality, but that instrumentality is always rendered effectual by his own agency. When nations or individuals are prosperous, and glorious, and powerful, they usually ascribe all to themselves or to fortune. But it is God who has raised them to eminence.

When they boast He can humble them. In these verses God is considered as the governor of the world, punishing the wicked, and pouring out judgment on his enemies. The calamities of war, pestilence, and famine, are all ministers of providence to execute wrath. Commentary by Alexander Carson.

This website has a commentary that you can read what the scripture is thought, to explain a verse. Type the scripture in the search box. After it comes up, scroll down until you see the commentary box. Click on that.

It also has a box so you can go straight to Google if nothing came up on your KJVO search. Have a pad & pencil ready.

That center column in some Bibles is used to give explanation of scriptures pertaining to the one you are questioning. The letters and numbers correspond to the verse you are reading. I find that really helpful.


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