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Grace regarding 1 Peter 12's Colossians Chapter 2 comment on 8/11/2020, 8:27pm...

Hello Gar,

I'm interested to know about which old documents you are referring. What reference or proof do you have that the word "elect" was not in the original Greek? I'm hoping this is true, but it could be too difficult for anyone to show this because of lost scrolls, fake documents accepted as authentic by some, and just too many centuries have passed

Anyway, I've checked that the ancient Greek word eklektos was translated correctly as the adjective "elect" in the 1611 KJV. Others translated it as "chosen". Note that eklektos is an adjective, a descriptor, a word that is an attribute or characteristic. It is not a noun or a verb or even the past tense of the verbs to choose, to select & to elect as Calvinists have misinterpreted and misunderstood. Example sentence starting with an adj. : (Sam is) Amusing according to Kim's letters

Eklektos must be translated as a characteristic or quality as it was intended to be descriptive. So, in English the adjectival meaning of 'Elect' is: worthy to be chosen, favourite, preferred, and or "selected for an office, but not yet inducted". Likewise, when "chosen" is used instead of 'elect' as an adjective, chosen means: preferred, to be selective from a number (of available). 'Preferred' would've been the better English translation to stop the arguments

What's more, "foreknowledge" is "prognosis" in ancient Greek. So that sentence means 'We are preferred by God, according to His ability to see into the future, to be sanctified for obedience'. It's not the Calvinist 'The Chosen Ones according to His will'

3 different bible versions have all used the same document for 1st Pete1:2

21st Century KJV

2 elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father through sanctification of the Spirit, unto...

New Life Version

You were chosen by God the Father long ago. He knew you were to become His children. You were set apart for holy living by...

NIV Study Bible 1984

who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, .


Geneva Haynes's Colossians Chapter 2 comment on 8/11/2020, 9:07am...

The place of Goshen. What is God saying to me today.


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