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Don't Take Your Life__Take His's Proverbs Chapter 7 comment on 9/23/2021, 10:08pm...

If you're not born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, you don't want to know.

Someone who is born again, stops all the plans God had for your life. Maybe you're old and sick?

You don't even know how your life impacts others.

There's a link on this website: BECOME A CHRISTIAN. See.I think if you're going to throw your life away, you should just give it to Jesus.

Don't be hasty. Jesus is returning real real soon.

We're going to see signs and events that positively mean Everything he said about it, is true. We've all come this far. Why skip the best part.

Check out that link. K? I was gonna take my life too. (36 yrs ago). I stuck it out. I'm happier than puppies playing in a mud puddle.

Keep coming back in here. God uses people like me and you. It's gets better.



Tennis Lee Perry's Proverbs Chapter 7 comment on 9/23/2021, 7:41pm...

What does the bible say about going to heaven if you commit suicide


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