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Carleton's Hebrews Chapter 6 comment on 8/04/2020, 2:15pm...

I found the Mercy Seat to be just the right fit.



Stephende's Hebrews Chapter 6 comment on 8/04/2020, 9:40am...

Behind the curtain at the Tent of Meeting was the Ark of the Covenent. In the Ark was the Pact, which is verbatim dictation of El Shaddai, the the Rod of Aaron, which budded. Obviously, there were protocols in place in place for those who would enter. In those days, many rebellions occured. They were sick of the manna from heaven. They were thirsty. They would rather have stayed in Egypt, even though they were slaves. Korah was enraged that only Moses and Aaron were allowed in as Priests oh God. El Shaddai destroyed them with fire! Their hearts were not pure! They had not humbled themselves as Moses had. It was said of Moses that he was the most humble man on Earth. There were rules to follow. Fast forward 2000 years in the says of Jesus, when he preached Isiah in the Temple. We see a spontaneous event in time of an interpretation of the Scriptures. He made them relevant and understandable. Many followers did he find. Many also were appalled, including Saul. Now, Saul was converted, howbeit late to the game relative to his Apostles. So it went. To me, being a son of God, but not The Son of God, I find that that today's Christians to be presumptuous, in that they feel that there is no preconditions to entering the most Holy of places, as the Tent of Meeting was. Therefore, they are unaware of the Law. Such is the example of Korah relevent.

Noone here is above the Law. It is for a reason that Moses and Aaron were allowed in! They could be trusted to convey ONLY that which they heard from El Shaddai! What I hear from Christians is all over the map! A million denominations! A million rewritings of the Bible! And a million million preachers teaching from the wickedness of their heart. It is impossible! As we see plainly these Covid 19 days that God is capable of destroying His creation, for the folly of man.


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