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Pastor Delicia Harris's Hebrews Chapter 6 comment about verse 19 on 6/04/2020, 12:25pm...

God bless you, and I fully agree those who are saved and born-again of the Spirit. Have access in the New Covenant to come behind the veil as well, meaning heaven because of the ultimate price Jesus paid in full on the cross, and especially to those who will believe in Him.

Praise God!


Salvador Ramos's Hebrews Chapter 6 comment about verse 19 on 4/27/2020, 2:14am...

Hebrews 6:19-21 A forunnner is a lil vessel or boat that carried the anchor and dropped it in shallow water so the ship can be firm. We are the big boat Christ is our forunnner that took our hope and anchored us in the holy of holies . When Christ was on the cross and he gave up the ghost of spirit the veil torn . The lord is the way the truth and the life . He anchored our hope hidden in him and only thru him . No matter what storms we face and no matter how rough the waves crash against us we are firm and secure in who we are in him amen.


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