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Terry r anderson's Luke Chapter 22 comment on 2/27/2021, 5:48pm...

peter's denial was not at all like the treachery of judas because when christ looked at him at the cock crow he quickly repented as shown by his look of remorse and received grace and this is proven also by christ's foreknowledge and his prayer for peter not to lose faith.

in response to america and biden comment i refer the readers to read the tanakh on is. chapter 18. thehebrews in new york in 1917 translated the hebrew in such a way we can see that america will not lose its blessing for america will bring a present to god which will be the jews at the time the earthly kingdom comes after the tribulation. the kjv says the same but harder to understand. somalia a sea faring nation sends ambassadors to america; the u.n. is at same latitude as somalia; america remains undefeated though largely destroyed. it is made up of tall and glossy people; people who are slick looking like a glossy magazine and is the only nation in the world of significant size divided by so many rivers.


Charles Chriscoe's Luke Chapter 22 comment on 2/09/2021, 4:46am...

What was the reference of the sword for a cloak and later said two swords were enough


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