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T. Levis's Luke Chapter 22 comment about verse 18 on 1/16/2022, 3:09am...

Recently, I was pondering in my mind with the LORD about this account & I knew there would be a discussion about this. For some of us it's easier to fight, much more difficult to submit to circumstances beyond our control; especially when it's unjust. I relate with Peter. I was thinking how Peter had come to the realization the Jesus was the CHRIST, MESSIAH. Jesus had just said : Luke 22:27-30.

Is there much more knowledge we're supposed to get from this?

Luke 22:36, Luke 22:38, 2 swords enough? Do you think Jesus was being literal or testing them? Do you feel the act of aggregation saved the Disciples? John 18:8-9, ( I've thought that) but look at: John 18:10. "Then._." it seems to be after Jesus had already set their pardon.

Luke 22:40,42, Luke 22:43-46, Matthew 26:36-44, Mark 14:33-39, Zechariah 13:7, ( Mark 14:27 , Matthew 26:56 )

Matthew 16:15-27,

*Mark 14:27, offended? Matthew 26:33-35,

Mark 14:42-50, Luke 22:47-51, John 18:10-11, Matthew 26:50-52, Were they offended because Jesus didn't fight, nor let them? after He had said to get swords? Would we be offended if Jesus healed our enemy, we thought we were defending Him from? Then rebuke them/Peter or us openly? John 18:6, Matthew 26:53,

Luke 22:54, John 18:15, Why did Peter follow? Luke 22:33, Where is our strength? In our flesh & resolve, or GOD & HIS will?

Mark 14:29-31,

Luke 22:55-62,

Matthew 10:17-22, Matthew 10:28-34,

Acts 12:1-12,

Romans 8:34-39,

Ephesians 6:10-18,

Do you think it was much easier to fight? Matthew 26:41, Luke 22:32,

Isaiah 55:8-9,


Ben's Luke Chapter 22 comment about verse 18 on 1/15/2022, 7:48pm...

Verse 35 Jesus was saying how things were when he had been with them. Jesus in Verse 36 tells them he is giving them a change of orders.. (but now let him.. take his money back pack of gear, (i.e. script, where the word conscript comes from for a soldier, con meaning with and script a soliders backpack.) And their sword. Verse 37. He says this because it must be that the profesies about the crusifiction (numbers among the transgressors.. i.e. the thieves on either side of him on the cross) must be fufilled and this is his marching orders of how he wants us to be as we fulfill the great commission that he gave before he left. Sadly many Christian no longer follow Jesus Christ commandments to carry cash, backpack first aid and survival gear, and a sword (pistol or personal defences weapon/rifle etc) when every they go anywhere. I wonder how many people needlessly died because of disobeance of Christians unable to help those in need or heathen where provoked and encouraged to sin by attacking Christian's because following this command isn't common place. When old testament saints did this in Nehemiahs day agression and attacks were averted.


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