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Ukeme's Luke Chapter 18 comment on 3/16/2021, 9:35pm...

I love this portion


Does God Still Heal People Today's Luke Chapter 18 comment on 12/09/2020, 5:40pm...

This is the Commentary, from this website:

35-43 This poor blind man sat by the wayside, begging. He was not only blind, but poor, the fitter emblem of the world of mankind which Christ came to heal and save. The prayer of faith, guided by Christ's encouraging promises, and grounded on them, shall not be in vain. The grace of Christ ought to be thankfully acknowledged, to the glory of God. It is for the glory of God if we follow Jesus, as those will do whose eyes are opened. We must praise God for his mercies to others, as well as for mercies to ourselves. Would we rightly understand these things, we must come to Christ, like the blind man, earnestly beseeching him to open our eyes, and to show us clearly the excellence of his precepts, and the value of his salvation.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

In this scripture a blind man persisted and was cured of blindness by Jesus.

In the Harmony of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John): people were healed or cured of all manners of sickness, disease, blind, deaf, mute, demon possessed, sexual sins, etc.

He had meetings and fed thousands of people and the Bible says He healed the whole crowd. The crowds' Faith level was so strong, that they all got healed. Wow!

All we have to do is reach out and touch Jesus, with our Faith, in Jesus's ability to heal and deliver. Even now. In feeding on scripture: taking it into ourselves (spirit), our faith is going rise up to be able to receive what we ask for.

If we ask according to the known Will of God, we will be healed. Confess confidence instead of doubt and insecurity.

If a little "voice" says: you don't have enough faith, you drink beer or smoke (accuses)....that's Satan trying to wreck your Faith. "You don't read the Bible", any kind of accusation. Step over that and walk towards the Lord with your FAITH in Jesus's willingness to save, baptize with The Holy Spirit, and heal.

Or let your Church pray corporately for you.

Receive it.



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