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Brother dan's Joshua Chapter 1 comment about verse 9 on 10/07/2021, 7:53pm...


You ask: Where are the waters from above?

The moisture including rain and snow fall to our earth, from the Heavens above. God can provide us with this vital water, and can also take it away. He reminds us of this periodically, with floods, and droughts.

When you say impossible: nothing is impossible for God.

Luke 1:37

"For with God nothing shall be impossible."

God Bless.


English sacha's Joshua Chapter 1 comment about verse 9 on 10/07/2021, 6:20am...

We love Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison , don't know if Roy was a Christian but Mr Cash definately was , we are going to hear some awesome singing in the world to come , I have a terrible singing voice ! Music is an instant fix for me , it is such a joy and it even helps me to get through all the boring chores of the day . How awesome must the Israelites have sounded as they sang songs of praise in David and Solomon's days .


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