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Ty's Joshua Chapter 1 comment on 6/10/2022, 8:12pm...


We are all sinners. In different ways. God still loves us and offers the opportunity to adjust and correct the paths we walk upon. Daily. He saved me and I'm here to tell you, He can save you.

Are you familiar with the parable of the lost sheep? (Luke 15) If not it is wonderful to read while placing ourselves "in the hooves" of the lost sheep. Check it out!

Do not allow the condemnation of others to push you away from God. A true Christian should firstly approach this issue and others with the love that our Father has provided to each of us, when we were sinful or blinded. (We are not the Hebrew Israelites standing on corners shaming people. That is not what Jesus did.) Should you seek Jesus, you will find him. Which requires laying down of many things. To receive a new heart.

God Bless you and keep you!


S Spencer's Joshua Chapter 1 comment on 6/10/2022, 7:57pm...

Hi Samantha.

Homosexuality is a sin as well as heterosexual without marriage is fornication, stealing, killing, etc. When we accept Christ in our life, "On his terms" ( Romans-10:9-10.) he saves us. This comes after knowing we are sinners and condemned without him.

John 3:16-18. Notice the emphasis on believe in these verses?

God gives us his spirit to convict us, guide us, teach us and gives the power and strength to change us. Change may not come immediately but the guilt will. You coming on the site may have expressed that. Salvation is the works of Christ alone but when we're saved we are to bare fruit of righteousness and repent. Sanctification is a work of the Holyspirit. Being made new we shouldn't continue in sin. Not perfection but a continuance of progression. Romans 6:1-11.

Keep in prayer, God will judge you by your heart. If your heart is pure change will follow.

God bless.


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