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Prosper's Joshua Chapter 1 comment on 9/30/2022, 3:33pm...

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Chris's Joshua Chapter 1 comment on 9/15/2022, 5:40am...

Hello Sister Ruth. I believe you're referring to Joshua chapter 7 and to Achan's sin. We only know what has been given us in this chapter and specifically that Achan had taken the garment, silver & gold and hid them in a hole in the ground. And we also know that when his sin was found out and to spare the children of Israel the full force of judgement against them, both Achan & his family were judged & condemned to death.

Though not mentioned, it seems likely (and this is only a personal thought, not in Scripture), that someone in the family may also have been aware of what Achan had done; it would be difficult to carry & conceal such a large booty from family, even others continually milling around his tent & in that area. He may have sworn his family to secrecy, thus drawing them also into condemnation since they did not reveal his sin to Joshua when first known. And so his family, animals, even his tent were destroyed, thereby removing every blemish of sin from their midst. This act satisfied God & He returned to bless them & gave them victory over their enemies (Joshua chapter 8), and Israel would have had another powerful lesson about having a proper fear of the LORD, that what the LORD says must be obeyed or there will be consequences.


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