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Chris's 2 Chronicles Chapter 32 comment on 2/04/2023, 2:27pm...

Hello Mara. As Gigi has shared with you, Hezekiah was a king of Judah. He was the son of King Ahaz (2 Kings 18:1) & reigned from 715-686 BC, and at this time the Prophet Isaiah was prophesying. Ezekiel was called a priest, son of Buzi (Ezekiel 1:3) and was among the captives that the Babylonian king had taken from Judah (Ezekiel 1:1). And it was during the captivity, that Ezekiel began receiving visions from God (around 600 BC), some 86 years after the death of King Hezekiah. Therefore, Hezekiah & Ezekiel cannot be the same person because of the years they lived & their different status (King & priest/prophet).

One thing that has come to my mind, is that you might have seen the name, Ezekias, somewhere and this has caused you this confusion. This name (Ezekias) is the Romanized writing of the Hebrew, Hezekiah, and is not the Prophet Ezekiel. Hope that helps to clarify the matter.


Mara Flores.'s 2 Chronicles Chapter 32 comment on 2/04/2023, 3:29am...

Peace Be Upon You.

The Priest Hezekiah And Ezekiel Are The Same Person, The 48 Chapter Of The Book Of Ezekiel, Isaiah Chapter 38:1-22; Second Kings Chapter 20:1-21; Second Chronicles Chapter 32:1-33. Why Are They Portrait As Two Different People?


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