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David0920's 1 Corinthians Chapter 2 comment on 3/07/2023, 1:15pm...

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Also on the Last Day, those Whom God has saved and are still living at that time will be caught up to be with Christ and will be transformed into their spiritual body "in the twinkling of an eye". That is the Rapture.

Christ will then complete the Judgment process of Satan and the unsaved, destroy them, and create New Heavens snd a New Earth.


David0920's 1 Corinthians Chapter 2 comment on 3/07/2023, 1:00pm...


Very good question.

Every individual has a body and a soul. And before God saves an individual, we are spiritually dead and lust after sin, both in body and soul. When God saves an individual, God gives that individual a brand new soula Resurrected Soul which is now eternally alive in Christ. That is to become Born Again.

When a True Believer dies, their physical body dies and goes into the grave to await the resurrection of the Last Day. But because they have been given a new resurrected soul, they immediately are transmitted in their soul existence to be with Christ in Heaven.

In the Last Day Christ will bring with Him all that have died and are in Heaven in their soul existence and will resurrect their body a sinless spiritual body and they will again be a complete personality, body and soul in which they will live and reign with Christ throughout eternity in the New Heaven and New Earth.

That is what I believe the Bible teaches.


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