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BlessedChildofGod's 2 Chronicles Chapter 15 comment on 3/06/2023, 4:32am...

This is such an encouraging verse in God's word! This world is oftentimes so discouraging and the work of the Lord can become quite heavy and feel as if there is no reward in it.

I am so thankful God reminds us here that our work for Him WILL be rewarded! He is surely a God that understands our infirmities and our struggles!

So thankful to be one of His chosen ones! Thankful that He knows ALL! Thank you, LORD, for loving us so kindly and reminding us that our labour is not in vain!


GiGi's 2 Chronicles Chapter 15 comment on 9/15/2022, 9:23am...

Chris, thank you. Your impression of where I was coming from in this matter is correct.

I agree that I think each person should find out for themselves about this matter rather than just take in what someone says on here or in any other publication or the preaching/teaching of others in such roles.

And I agree that there is so much we do not know about the early church and the leaders who wrote and spoke about many matters, eschatology included.

I am fine with bringing this discussion between us to a conclusion, but I just wanted you to know that I welcome any replies you wish to send me.


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