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BSP's 2 Chronicles Chapter 15 comment on 12/31/2020, 8:56am...

Verse 17-Asa built up a life course of having a complete heart. He made mistakes, but Jehovah God looked at the whole picture, his good qualities, and the condition of his heart.


Chris's 2 Chronicles Chapter 15 comment on 11/21/2020, 8:36pm...

We're not told in clear terms what Jabez's Mother's sorrow was, except as commentators agree that she had a difficult painful labour, & so called her son, Jabez, whose name means "sorrowful".

It might appear strange to us that a Mother would so name a child, but in Eastern cultures, often names had some special depiction or meaning & was a reminder of what was encountered with her child. Whereas in the West, we might tend to go for a name that is in vogue or for some other reason (a name already in the family, or of someone who may be admired, etc).


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