Acts 16:9


“And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us.”

King James Version (KJV)



Other Translations of Acts 16:9

“And a vision appeared to Paul in the night: There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come ouer into Macedonia, and helpe vs.”
King James Version (1611) - View original scan of Acts chapter 16

“A vision appeared to Paul in the night: a man of Macedonia was standing and appealing to him, and saying, "Come over to Macedonia and help us."”
New American Standard Version (1995)

“And a vision appeared to Paul in the night: There was a man of Macedonia standing, beseeching him, and saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us.”
American Standard Version (1901)

“And Paul had a vision in the night; a man of Macedonia came, requesting him, and saying, Come over into Macedonia and give us help.”
Basic English Bible

“And a vision appeared to Paul in the night: There was a certain Macedonian man, standing and beseeching him, and saying, Pass over into Macedonia and help us.”
Darby Bible

“And a vision was shewed to Paul in the night, which was a man of Macedonia standing and beseeching him, and saying: Pass over into Macedonia, and help us. ”
Douay Rheims Bible

“And a vision appeared to Paul in the night: There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us. ”
Webster's Bible

“Here, one night, Paul saw a vision. There was a Macedonian who was standing, entreating him and saying, "Come over into Macedonia and help us."”
Weymouth Bible

“A vision appeared to Paul in the night. There was a man of Macedonia standing, begging him, and saying, "Come over into Macedonia and help us."”
World English Bible

“and a visioun `bi nyyt was schewid to Poul. But a man of Macedonye that stoode, preiede hym, and seide, Go thou in to Macedonye, and helpe vs.”
Wycliffe Bible

“And a vision through the night appeared to Paul -- a certain man of Macedonia was standing, calling upon him, and saying, `Having passed through to Macedonia, help us;' --”
Youngs Literal Bible


John E Dillard's comment on 2021-03-24 10:30:54:

Thanks and Praise be to God Almighty. Thank you for the encouragement.

May God Bless You and Your House. And stay steadfast in His word and endure for the Glory of Gods Kingdom we will call home one glad day. Amen. We are a child of the King. Hallelujah !

Sowing The Seeds Until His Great Harvest

John E. Dillard, Sr.


Evangelist John DillardSr's comment on 2021-03-24 10:17:25:

As a follower of Jesus,we must have very thick skin.That's because of the rocks that are hurled at us daily.Even by those that read the Bible.Words matter and we will have to give an account of every one of them.

Jesus taught in Mark 9:39-41 about the attitude of a servant.When Jesus bent down to write in the sand twice, what did He write? (John 8:6:8:8)Jesus recorded my sins and the day He came looking for me and I accepted Him as savior & they where to be never remembered and I became a new man.Was set free saved by the grace of God.The Holy Spirit teaches me all about Gods word.Read the next verse in 2 Tim 3:17 before assuming that a person is an internet prophet.That's the division I wrote about in my post.I posted what was laid on my heart.I spoke the truth.We need to realize that we may be the only Bible that the world will ever read.If we live it. It will show.If we love it.It will show.If we treat all as Jesus commands, with love.It will shine.A house divided can not stand.My first post ever:I wrote of my experience with a church as an evangelist.The Macedonian Call Acts 16:9.And the gospel was presented as comfortable and private. No coming forward as to embarrass anyone of their decision for Christ. That was not a preparation for what Christ followers must and will endure.Jesus sure did not have a very comfortable life being the King of Glory as a man here in this world of pain.He hurt and wept.He taught and prayed.He read the word of God to the people in the temple.Are we not to do as Jesus did? Jesus associated,loved and cared for those who were cast out and least desirable.That's why wrote about denominations.The Gospel is very simple, and man makes it difficult.Please don't twist another mans heart for God by the words that divide.My heart,it breaks daily for a lost and dying world.That's my focus.My Love and Prayers towards all.Our work here is not done.Don't let up or give in.

Still Sowing The Seeds Until His Great Harvest

John E.Dillard,Sr.


carleton's comment on 2021-03-23 08:20:08:

Thank you Sacha! Love to hear the details of a believer's life and setting. Love to see the area too somehow, someday. One year is a very long time to not get to see the mothers and to stay indoors. At our home we are five. My daughter 20, son 19, son 15 and wife younger than I. Our home is happy and peaceful thanks to the grace of God. Have a nice after noon over there. Not quite 8:30am here.


sacha's comment on 2021-03-22 07:47:58:

Good afternoon Carleton ,thankyou for you encouraging message ,the view out of my flat is quite nice today ,lots of sunshine and blue sky and fluffy white clouds ,the air is cool and fresh and its starting to feel like spring ,im in the north east of england ,the coldest dampest and apparently the most deprived area of england ,i dont feel deprived ,i feel rich and joyfull and thankfull to be who i am and where i am and its only because i know the Truth ,my spouse is here and weve been in lockdown together for almost 12 full months ,only seeing our mothers and only doing grocery shopping and we havent gone insane yet ! This site has helped me a lot and im thankfull for it and everyone who comes on it ,may God bless us all and bring us all closer to each other and closer to Him more and more each day untill the VERY best days are upon us all .


Carleton's comment on 2021-03-22 06:02:49:

Good morning all! How is Sacha this day? I am thinking about looking out from the flat window and what you may see. I do hope you have love ones to help you with this and thats. I have never crossed a sea so far in my life, maybe someday still. I have a Native American by birth spiritual Christian brother who had two visions by dream just ahead of Covid 19 coming the the US. The Angel in his dream said that from across the sea which he could see in the finish by looking through the sea, that two events were to come. Not long after the first event would be another and not long after that may be the end. Perhaps the message was just for the brother. This vision was a year ago in early January. So I wonder, and so my eyes and ears and prayers wonder. Perhaps this brother's dream was only for him. Anyway, looking out of the flat with an enlightened heart their must be souls that are not ready. I am glad for this short time we and I include all, can meet here and discuss our relationships with Jesus to the best of our understandings. My love has increased, so I see the value. Keep the faith. Thank you!



Read the Bible's comment on 2021-03-21 14:53:46:

If any one seeks the truth they shall find it . Read your KJV and Pay little attention to internet prophets , there are 1000s of them . Trust the word of God and verify it . With the word of God 2 Tim 3 .16 . Or most likely be deceived by men's interpretation of the Bible .

Jesus said many will come in my name .... they have been around a long time now .

God Bless the true seekers . But stick with the scriptures The Lord never disappoints! Amen


Mishael's comment on 2021-03-20 12:50:19:

Great post! Keep it out there.


Evangelist John Dillard Sr's comment on 2021-03-20 09:31:14:

"Macedonia Call" how many churches have built there ministry/doctrine around just this scripture?

Jesus calls us to take up our cross and follow Him and denominations are not unifying the bride of Christ/The Church. The word of God is the doctrine. Study it, pray on it and live it.

That's how we win souls for Christ. I say this because many have witnessed the division of churches and some split with great fault lines being dawn. Scriptures tells us that the shepherd was struck and the flock was scattered. But Gods word tells us that they all came together again after witnessing the death of Jesus and in great conflict as to what to do next...Jesus became their focus when He appeared in the burial garden and on the road to Emmaus and when they gathered together and broke bread and Jesus came to them and supped with them and ministered unto them and comforted them. He educated them on what was to come. That it is our call. To gather in His name. Brake bread together and comfort one another and edify one another with the words and teachings of Christ.

Let's stand for Christ and not be scattered in this time of great tribulation. Let's witness to those who are lost and do not be afraid of who we offend. Let's teach the truth by speaking the truth. Be bold. Let's open our hearts even if they get broken. Let's return to God with thanksgiving and praise. This nation has smooth knees. We need to get back on them and pray that God will hear our prayers from heaven. We must repent and turn from our evil and wicked ways. Our nation is divided but let not the church. Our nation needs us. Let's show the world love. Agape love.

That's the call. God Bless You and May He keep you.

Sowing The Seeds Until His Great Harvest

Evangelist of The Gospel of Jesus

John E. Dillard, Sr.


Zoran Jankulovski's comment on 2011-09-23 07:46:13:

I am wondaring what rely made Paul to go to Macedonia, is there answer to to this qestion?,


henry's comment on 2010-02-20 22:47:56:

this is a missionary call to Paul to go to a specific place, as the Lord had prepared hearts in this place, so salvation shown to these people
would magnify the Lords Name and His glory.
Also showing the Lord loves to reach the unsaved
and make His Son the Lord Jesus known for His
sacrifice to fallen man


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