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Henkdenkt's Tobit Chapter 6 comment on 1/29/2023, 2:57am...

I stumbled upon this book when looking into the name Raphael. The heart is about worldly love, the gall is about innocence (spiritual meaning). Burning the heart and the liver before entering the marriage chamber, is about casting out worldly love (hearth) and the false idea of innocence in this world: When an embryo develops, at first all nutrients are provided through the liver, hence the spiritual connection to innocence. Nobody is innocent in this world, not even a baby for its foundation (of the world) is sin. This is the real meaning of the chapter that I personally perceive from the chapter.


T's Tobit Chapter 6 comment on 11/27/2020, 9:12pm...

Or that the Word of God is Inspiring.

Two ways to read that..


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