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S Spencer's Judith Chapter 1 comment on 5/21/2021, 5:25am...

Hi Issac.

None of them are lost.

There all not inspired,

They're not missing pieces of the puzzle.

I'll let others give insight on that.

God bless


Richard in Christ's Judith Chapter 1 comment on 4/15/2021, 10:01am...


I myself know of much wisdom in the Apocrypha books. As there is much wisdom throughout the Holy Bible along with the book of Enoch etc. Why they separated them doesn't make much difference to me. They are trying to change the Bible around more, newer versions, than they ever have before to my knowledge. We are Blessed to still be able to access and read the Apocrypha books on sites like this one.

I'm not sure of the root of your post. The Holy Bible does not speak of God "choosing the entire world of nations" either. Yes, God created the world for man/woman and His creation. Are you stating that God is a respecter of certain "persons"? Like racism? The Lord searches our hearts.

God loves those who love Him with a pure heart. No matter where they are "from". If you have not seen these things in the Apocrypha books I shall gladly post them for you. I shall wait for your reply as I am not sure on the root of your post.

Also those books being written before the time of Jesus Christ. As after reading about, and accepting, our Lord a veil should be lifted that may shadow some who are Old Testament only readers.

Thank you. God Bless.


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