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GiGi's 2 Esdras Chapter 1 comment on 5/03/2022, 6:22pm...

Hello Jerry, I was researching your questions last night. Esau and his descendants settled among the Horite people at in the mountains of Seir, southeast of the Dead Seir. They eventually intermingled with the Horite people and Ishmaelites, and perhaps the Midianites. They lived along the trade routes both East to West and North to South. They came in contact with many peoples from many lands. So, they most likely intermixed among many different ethnicities. Some sites say Esau's descendants are among the Jordanians, Syrians, and Kurds. But others say the descendants are among the Turks, Iranians, and Iraqis. I don't think that Esau's descendants, like Ishmael's remained intact as an ethnic group.


Jacob and Esau's 2 Esdras Chapter 1 comment on 5/03/2022, 1:42pm...

Genesis 25-27: Tells the story of Esau and Jacob. Jacob and Rebekah worked together to cheat Esau out of his birthright as elder son. Esau made it easy because he'd rather have a bowl of stew than his birthright. He only fought for it when he saw it given to Jacob.

It seems wrong but Esau had no regard for those things until he realized what He had done. It says God HATED Esau for the treachery. This doesn't sanction cheating and treachery. It teaches that when God gives you a blessing, don't throw it away on something temporal.

Esau left Jewish culture and married into other culture an religion. However, to this very day, Esau is still trying to get his blessing away from Jacob. (God changed Jacobs name to Israel.

The wars in the Mid-East today, are still about the Covenants God made with Abraham and descendant of Abraham's wife SARAH.

I followed Esaus descendants to the eastern lands of Israel: a very difficult study. Google Esau's Geneology.

Study it we should. The last wars will still be brother against brother.


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