Proverbs 1:1


“The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel;”

King James Version (KJV)



Other Translations of Proverbs 1:1

“The Prouerbes of Solomon the sonne of Dauid, King of Israel,”
King James Version (1611) - View original scan of Proverbs chapter 1

“The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel:”
New American Standard Version (1995)

“The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel:”
American Standard Version (1901)

“The wise sayings of Solomon, the son of David, king of Israel.”
Basic English Bible

“Proverbs of Solomon, son of David, king of Israel:”
Darby Bible

“The parables of Solomon, the son of David, king of Israel. ”
Douay Rheims Bible

“The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel; ”
Webster's Bible

“The proverbs of Solomon, the son of David, king of Israel:”
World English Bible

“Proverbs of Solomon, son of David, king of Israel:”
Youngs Literal Bible

“ THE PROVERBS of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel;”
Jewish Publication Society Bible


Rhonda's comment on 2021-02-15 07:34:11:

Firstly, you cannot isolate a scripture if it is linked to a continuous reading or a message. Verse 29 is a part of the consequences of not taking the way of wisdom, that way of truth judgement and understanding. Verse 25 is the turning point, setting to zero Godly counsel and scoffing at the reproof of the right path. What you sow is what you reap. God loves us, but he is also our judge.


teletrice brantley's comment on 2020-06-17 21:46:41:

my husband also a Sunday School teacher


teletrice brantley's comment on 2020-06-17 21:44:39:

thanks alot


Mishael on a Happier Home's comment on 2020-06-09 11:25:38:

Born again is as rebirth. It means both again. I prefer how Jesus explains it.

In John 3, Jesus is telling Nicodemus how to be born again, spiritually. When he speaks about the wind, He is describing the Holy Spirit.

We can pray for the Holy Spirit to visit our loved ones, convict them of sin and woo them to salvation. Pray and ask; then thank God for the answer. Having done all: to stand in FAITH.... not doubt. You gotta beat the devils off of family so they can respond to offered salvation.

An angel tells Daniel, that Michael the Archangel had to fight against a demon prince to help this messenger get to Daniel.

Daniel chapter 10:10-21.

What you pray for, give thanks daily. Keep loved ones covered in prayers forbidding demonic influence.

And nope, we don't get to order Michael around. We can ask God to give us angelic assistance. You already have a ministering angel.

Here is a tip: when someone speaks forth the scriptures in the home; sings praises to God or talks what Jesus did today... angels hear it and record It in the Book of Remembrance . Malachi 3:16

It's inspiring!

"Then they that feared (respect & honor) the Lord spoke often one to another, and the Lord HEARKENED, and HEARD it, and a book of Remembrance was written BEFORE HIM, for them that feared the Lord, and thought upon His Name!

So see, we can change the whole atmosphere in our homes! No swearing, no yelling insults and retorts; no gossip about others. Converse reverently about Jesus and you will have angels over at your place every day! How hard is that?

If they hear you thanking the Lord for healing... the oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness, salvation of loved ones etc...

Your prayer and worship songs are being fast tracked right up front of Gods throne!!!

Because Jesus sits at the right hand of God Almighty God of all there is! Jesus hears.

Turn off Metallica and turn on Dion's Kingdom in the Streets cd. What's better than a happier home?


Chris's comment on 2020-06-09 02:20:23:

Michael, there was Jewish religious leader that asked a similar question to yours & you're probably aware of the story. His name was Nicodemus & he was confused when Jesus told him that he needed to be born again to see God's Kingdom (Read John 3:1-7). Nicodemus thought what Jesus meant by re-birth, was a second natural, physical birth, which of course, is laughable (as can be seen in verse 4). But Jesus then qualified his statement further, saying that a person must first be born physically (i.e. by water (v 5) which is the flesh (v 6)), and then secondly, to enter God's Kingdom, he must also be born spiritually (vv 5 & 6 again).

So, Yes, re-birth by the Spirit, is true & that miracle can only take place when a person repents of his sin, humbles himself before God, & believes in the completed work of Jesus, accepting His death for him on the cross. There is no other way to receive new birth, though some have tried by leading a monastic lifestyle, self-improvement exercises & acts of piety, but all that serves is to bring on self-effort to attaining perfection (which will never happen) or trying to eliminate all their sin (which is impossible without a Perfect Sacrifice being made). So, I hope you can see that re-birth can only be an act by God upon a truly repentant person & not by man, and it is an act that isn't humanly understood, since the new birth takes place deep in one's life - in the spirit.


Mishael on Cains Death's comment on 2020-06-08 20:20:19:

I already posted the reply. Why else would what Lamech confessed to, be followed up with mention of Cains curse

If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech, seventy and seven fold.

Who knows IF Cain knew whoever killed him was going to suffer 70 times 7 years. That's hatred.

Cains daughter gave birth to Lamech. Cain beat up his Grandson.

Sounds like year 2020 huh?

That question has been on that page a couple of days. I did my best.


Mishael's comment on 2020-06-08 19:53:23:

Real sorry. My finger gets Fat at night.

Verse 4:15-16 and 23-24


Mishael's comment on 2020-06-08 19:49:27:

Sorry, it's verse 15; 23-24. Center column says, for wounding and bruising me.

There's a similar judgment in Ezekiel 9:4-6

It's not described as a murder; it describes a fight.


Adam's comment on 2020-06-08 19:32:35:

Hello Mishael, I'm not seeing where it says Lamech killed Cain. Genesis 4:23 says he killed a man, but it doesn't say who. It says it could be a young boy, if it was a young boy, then that eliminates Cain as a possibility, since Cain was older than Lamech. Otherwise, if it was a man and a boy- two people he killed- we still don't know who, unless it says somewhere else?


Mishael on strange fire's comment on 2020-06-08 17:18:54:

Reincarnation is a religion of the devil. He has a little shop of horrors where you buy in to strange religion. Many of these are explained in the Bible. Every false god brings in a lot of demons with them.

Strange books in the home can attract demons. They look at all your reading material. Check out your hard drive...

Salvation is not rebirth. It's NEW birth into Jesus Christ; and receiving the baptism only the Holy Spirit can perform. The only way you can grow up strong is to believe in the God of the Holy Bible.

Satan desires to ascend and take over Gods throne. He tried twice: at Adam and Eve, also when he saw Jesus die on the Cross. Next time he will be thrown into hell.


Mishael on Cains Curse Genesis 4 5's comment on 2020-06-08 15:36:25:

Cain was firstborn but God rejected Cains offering. Maybe it was substandard?

Abel was 2nd born and God was pleased with his offering and blessed him.

Cain was indignant and disputed the event. God didn't change His mind.

Cain slew Abel. He was cursed and marked for death. Later he married and had children.

Eventually Lamech was born. By accident He slew Cain and lived long enough to survive the 70 times 7 times curse for killing Cain. He survived and later Noah would be born. Genesis 4:23

Then Eve's 3rd born son, Seth, lived 912 years.


Bob's comment on 2020-06-08 11:36:46:

Why did God not respect the offering of Cain?


michael's comment on 2020-06-08 03:06:34:

rebirth in bible is true or false


Troy Umberger's comment on 2020-06-07 22:42:55:

What is a great dearest


Chris's comment on 2020-06-06 01:28:34:

Leaster, the Book of Proverbs has generally been attributed to King Solomon (v1). The first seven verses speak about the purpose of this Book (to give forth wisdom, knowledge, understanding, etc.). Then from verse 8 onwards, Wisdom personified, speaks, giving instruction in various aspects of life & its experiences. As you read the Book, & you have questions in understanding verses, then present them here as someone may be able to guide you.


leaster busby's comment on 2020-06-05 21:00:40:

Proverbs 1: what dose it mean?


Eben's comment on 2015-10-18 02:29:20:

Solomon Did Not Disappoint The Name Of His Father. He Built On The Fame And Wealth Of His Father And Became Even Greater Than His Father


Ellen's comment on 2015-03-26 07:52:15:

We all need more wisdom. Pray for wisdom aas we seek the Lord of Lords and King of Kings


brenda's comment on 2014-05-22 21:44:56:

am learning wat it is to fear him but i understand when he says if we just open our eyes


Vickey's comment on 2013-10-22 03:12:23:

I fear the Lord. Without the Lord you can not do nothing. He Loves us so much. If we just open our eyes.


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