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Chris's Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 1 comment on 1/19/2023, 10:33pm...

Hi Annette. I think you're referring to 2 Esdras & the other Apocryphal books. The apocryphal books were readily available but not allowed into the Scriptures for four centuries after the Church's formation. But they were read previously: some accepted them as part of the Scriptures & others purely for historical value.

When the KJV was being translated (i.e. the 1611 version), these books were not included within the Old Testament framework, as the bibles that used the dubious Alexandrian (Vaticanus & Sinaiticus) manuscripts for translation did; but the KJV translators, using the 'Received Text' manuscript added them between the Testaments. This action signified that they still had value but were not considered a part of God's Word. The reasons for doing this are several, but the important ones are: neither the Jews, nor the Lord Jesus & His apostles gave them any sanction; they were not written in Hebrew or Aramaic; errors were found in them, both historical & doctrinal (such as praying for the dead, of sinless perfection, magical incantations, & other immoral practises).

The Old Testament Apocryphal Books are given here on KJBO Site for knowledge about them & for interest sake - I would hope that the reader would give due diligence when reading them for they are not accepted as part of the Canon of Scripture.


Annette Seymour's Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 1 comment on 1/19/2023, 6:41pm...

The book of second as dress and other books that are listed on the King James version that are not in the King James version that we have, what are they and where can they be found? And why were they not added to the King James bible?


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