Acts 4:12


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

King James Version (KJV)



Other Translations of Acts 4:12

“Neither is there saluation in any other: for there is none other name vnder heauen giuen among men whereby we must be saued.”
King James Version (1611) - View original scan of Acts chapter 4

“"And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved."”
New American Standard Version (1995)

“And in none other is there salvation: for neither is there any other name under heaven, that is given among men, wherein we must be saved.”
American Standard Version (1901)

“And in no other is there salvation: for there is no other name under heaven, given among men, through which we may have salvation.”
Basic English Bible

“And salvation is in none other, for neither is there another name under heaven which is given among men by which we must be saved.”
Darby Bible

“Neither is there salvation in any other. For there is no other name under heaven given to men, whereby we must be saved. ”
Douay Rheims Bible

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is no other name under heaven given among men, by which we must be saved. ”
Webster's Bible

“And in no other is the great salvation to be found; for, in fact, there is no second name under Heaven that has been given among men through which we are to be saved."”
Weymouth Bible

“There is salvation in none other, for neither is there any other name under heaven, that is given among men, by which we must be saved!"”
World English Bible

“and heelthe is not in ony othir. For nether other name vndur heuene is youun to men, in which it bihoueth vs to be maad saaf.”
Wycliffe Bible

“and there is not salvation in any other, for there is no other name under the heaven that hath been given among men, in which it behoveth us to be saved.'”
Youngs Literal Bible


Kevin Kelly's comment on 2020-11-25 16:55:19:

These kinds of questions are what Paul (Shaul) was speaking of when he said to abstain from talk that will cause disputes, dissensions as he wrote to Timothy. Studying the word you'll find out that the scriptures when translated from Greek to Latin to English lost its original content in the process. Words are not the same in middle eastern nations as Israel and Great Britain or American. Whether Jesus is your preference or Yahshua, the Lord God Almighty will hold each an every one to their just belief, as Matt. 12:36-37 says, "But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give an account thereof in the day of judgement. V 37- FOR BY YOUR WORDS THOU SHALT BE JUSTIFIED, AND BY THY WORDS THOU SHALT BE CONDEMNED ". Focus on drawing nearer to Messiah to live holy and don't be so quick to judge rashly an hastily on matters your not qualified in nor understand. MANY BLESSINGS IN YAHSHUA


king PK's comment on 2020-09-23 13:17:43:

I will never leave you or forsake you, the Lord is faithful to the end. Blessed be His Name forever!!!


Herald Crier's comment on 2020-09-19 09:24:20:

So this is censored? We'll see how "free" your discussion really is for allowing us to "continue in (his) word", to become his know the truth...and truly be free!


Herald Crier's comment on 2020-09-19 09:17:08:

Yashua is his actual name in original Greek, Yahushua Hebrew.


Chris's comment on 2020-09-18 23:25:30:

That was a wonderful strong testimony you shared, D. Robbins. My heart rejoiced to read it & for your single-mindedness to stay true & faithful to the Lord. And His Love for you is your blessed assurance & joy also - stay close to Him & keep short accounts with Him. Every blessing.


D Robbins's comment on 2020-09-18 15:05:48:

John 1:1, 1:14, and John 3:16

summed up, Jesus is the Word, the Word is God, so Jesus is my Lord & my God, the Lord, God incarnate, died for me, because I believe in Him, I am saved!!! Praise the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come!!! I look forward to the Blessed Hope & Appearing of Jesus Christ!!!

Titus 2:13, 1 Corinthians 15:51-53, and I Thessolonians 4:13-18

I invited Jesus Christ into my heart in 1984, and love him more today than ever, he's my 1st love!!!


Sully Grand-Jean's comment on 2020-07-28 14:21:19:

The Lord Jesus Christ is indeed the true and unique way of Heaven!


Loredo's comment on 2015-07-02 17:34:00:

No other name mentioned or written in the BIBLE--I think of all those including the Muslim population that adhere to the notion that Muhummed is their salvation. That is farthest from the truth and Satan delights in their following of the false religion to a certain Hell!!!


Thomas's comment on 2015-06-29 09:51:02:

I believe you, Lord Yehoshua. Save me and my family from judgment and sanctify us for your use. This mustard seed of faith is all I have...Have mercy, Father...


Kewanda Bonnette's comment on 2014-12-02 05:11:06:

JESUS is his Name !!


Moses Njenga's comment on 2014-07-08 20:37:31:

That rests the matter, not budha, mohammed, confusius or krishna, the name is the LORD JESUS CHRIST period. and every knee including of the gods I mentioned shall bow before HIM and declare HIS Lordship.


Anthony Alexis Adoasi's comment on 2014-07-08 02:05:58:

Who can deny it? If you seek to deny this, then look at yourself very well and answer some questions as to how you have lived your whole life if it were by your might. If you did not know, now understand that he has been watching you just waiting for you and caring for you that you might choose him and put the enemy of the brethren to shame so that your glorious life in heaven shall be assured. Amen


danbako daniel's comment on 2013-11-11 13:08:05:

Pleas save me Jesus Christ the son of God from destruction


Godspower's comment on 2013-10-23 04:21:35:

Is is so, for d bible says: Jesus is d only way d truth & life no one ever goes 2 d father accept through Him.


Kaden Collins's comment on 2013-10-23 04:18:05:

That Name Is JESUS!!


Steve's comment on 2012-12-30 18:13:56:


Obi Daniel's comment on 2012-11-22 09:11:58:

God please, let me be saved by Your Name!!


Abubakari Fatao's comment on 2012-11-18 13:34:46:



bb_959's comment on 2012-10-18 11:46:43:

Read Frenz's Comment on Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 10:9-10, 13, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, John 3:3 Acts 4:12, Acts 16:16-40 (v31).


Ciprince's comment on 2012-10-17 00:36:31:

In this life, there are many things you can neglect and reject, but the Word of God, Jesus Christ cannot be neglected or rejected because He is the Sovereign Superior Personality. The worst thing that can happen to anybody is when he or she rejects and neglects Christ. He/she is of all men miserable.


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