Acts 12:4


“And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.”

King James Version (KJV)



Other Translations of Acts 12:4

“And when hee had apprehended him, hee put him in prison, and deliuered him to foure quaternions of souldiers to keepe him, intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.”
King James Version (1611) - View original scan of Acts chapter 12

“When he had seized him, he put him in prison, delivering him to four squads of soldiers to guard him, intending after the Passover to bring him out before the people.”
New American Standard Version (1995)

“And when he had taken him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to guard him; intending after the Passover to bring him forth to the people.”
American Standard Version (1901)

“And having taken him, he put him in prison, with four bands of armed men to keep watch over him; his purpose being to take him out to the people after the Passover.”
Basic English Bible

“whom having seized he put in prison, having delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep, purposing after the passover to bring him out to the people.”
Darby Bible

“And when he had apprehended him, he cast him into prison, delivering him to four files of soldiers to be kept, intending, after the pasch, to bring him forth to the people. ”
Douay Rheims Bible

“And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after the passover to bring him forth to the people. ”
Webster's Bible

“He had him arrested and lodged in jail, handing him over to the care of sixteen soldiers; and intended after the Passover to bring him out again to the people.”
Weymouth Bible

“When he had arrested him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four squads of four soldiers each to guard him, intending to bring him out to the people after the Passover.”
World English Bible

“And whanne he hadde cauyte Petre, he sente hym in to prisoun; and bitook to foure quaternyouns of knyytis, to kepe hym, and wolde aftir pask bringe hym forth to the puple.”
Wycliffe Bible

“whom also having seized, he did put in prison, having delivered [him] to four quaternions of soldiers to guard him, intending after the passover to bring him forth to the people.”
Youngs Literal Bible


Rick Colombe's comment on 2020-07-16 17:02:36:

To Ted Duke on Acts 12:4. Herod placed Peter in chains until after Easter, because Herod had to give homage to the queen of heaven , or rather goddess of fertility during "Easter". With that said, I pray you'll do your research Ted Duke where you'll find the true meaning behind the Easter celebration. It has nothing to do with the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. Those Easter eggs and rabbits are in honor of the goddess of fertility Ted. Much of Christianity has been "hood winked" by practicing Easter with its pagan practices.


Joe's comment on 2020-05-18 05:37:28:

God is a very jealous god and expects all to give glory only to him - see Acts 12 vs 23.

Mary was only human - mankind. Several bible scriptures tell of attempts to worship apostles such as Paul and Peter, but all are restrained. In fact, the apostles were horrified at the thought of being worshiped for they knew only God/Jesus Christ should receive the glory. Let us not attempt to do the same.


Denise's comment on 2020-04-13 19:27:01:

I'm trying to find a vetse that shows reverence to mary the mother of jesus. Why we should pray to her for intervention. Why is she the heavenly mother to us all.

Thank you in advance


Ted Duke's comment on 2020-04-11 08:04:18:

"Easter" is not correct in Act 12:4rnLook at the translation.


Chris's comment on 2020-04-09 21:50:22:

Great comments from Jesse. I too feel, without direct Scriptural warrant, that in Heaven the saints will have some consciousness of loved ones left behind or even grieve over the continual depravity of the world, as the Father grieves. The only references I can cite refer to angels who have an interest in us on the Earth; then can we assume that saints who have gone on ahead of us, can likewise 'enjoy' the same vista? Consider: Mt 18:10, Lk 15:10, 1 Cor 4:9, 11:10, 1 Pet 1:12.


Julie's comment on 2020-04-09 14:38:29:

I ask this question: when you go to heaven do you see what goes on earth or are you shielded from it?


Mishael's comment on 2020-04-08 22:39:45:

ANXIETY:rnrnMatthew 6:25-34, Jesus is teaching on cares and worries of this world. Two thousand years later we still need this compassionate sermon. We still worry and feel anxious even tho we know Jesus tells us not to.rnIt helps me to take time to pray and worship. I sing like a frog.


amanda's comment on 2020-04-08 06:43:25:

i want to know the verses about taking someone. also, taking someone at the mid-point of their life. A marine that made it back from Iraq. Just the best guy you could ever meet and just out of the blue he's gone in his sleep (with no help). I want to know why he would take a father of a 6 yr old little girl that worship the ground he walked on. he was 33.


Linda A Adams's comment on 2020-04-08 05:28:04:

Romans: Romans: 10: v. 20, 21 Then Isaiah is so bold as to say, "I have been found by those who did not seek me." I have shown myself to those those who did not ask for me. But of Israel he says, "All day long I have held out my hands to a disobedient and contrary people.rnRomans: 11: v. 1-21 I ask, then, has God rejected his people? By no means! I myself am an Israelite, a descendent of Abraham, a member of the tribe of Benjamin. 2 God has not rejected whom he foreknew. Do you not know what the scripture says of Elijah, how he pleads with God against Israel? 3 "Lord they have killed your prophets, they have demolished your altars; I alone am left, and they are seeking my life." (Read on..)


Chris's comment on 2020-04-08 02:29:35:

This is an often asked question. I then ask:why did God allow bad things to happen to His Son Jesus Christ? And we know that Jesus faced people's anger, hatred, hunger, temptation, misunderstandings, beatings, thorns, spearing and death. If God allowed His only begotten Son to suffer so much, when He did no wrong & without any sin, should we be surprised that we, as good as some might try to be, also suffer? We are all born sinners, even the slightest wrong-doing makes us such. But Jesus did no wrong, even when under severe testing by Satan - yet He suffered. So, the answer is that we all suffer because we are sinners, but now as Christians, we are given His Grace to live above the pain.


bob Hilt's comment on 2020-04-07 23:53:45:

Maywest Luke 21 is a good start & 2 Thess chapter 2 is another. look on this site for end times or latter days where they compile many things.


MAYWEST's comment on 2020-04-07 18:50:26:

When will we know jesus is coming real soon we are living and the last days


Moreia's comment on 2020-04-07 18:25:31:

Hi I'm new to this discussion, I recently downloaded the bible app. I'm also a believer of God. Recently I met a young Christian who asked me why does God allow Bad things to happen to good people? Your feedback please...


Adam's comment on 2020-04-07 13:34:50:

Hello, I personally don't think it's necessarily a sin, but think panic is a type of fear and fear is the opposite of love and trust in God. So, you could say it shows a lack of love and lack of trust in God, perhaps that of a Christian who is currently immature in their walk with Christ. 1 John 4:18. The Bible has lots of wisdom on fear, peace, trust, hope and someone looking to mature in peace and love should be reading those as practice to become spiritually strong.


Neljedsel's comment on 2020-04-07 07:46:27:

Do Christian sin when they panic? If so,why?


Mickey's comment on 2020-04-06 18:20:49:

I read half of Lamentations night before last. God has bent over backwards to bless them. The apple of his eye. Known the world over as his peculiar people. The envy of the nations. It hurts me that they hurt Him. Resist Him. It gladdens me that many returning Jews that have been saved are evangelizing. Hard to do when you are sheltering from a viral pestilence. May be this disease is from the I WILL that is loose in the world? You can't read Lamentations and not miss the severity of emotion. The last grains of sand in an hour glass fall real fast. Makes me wonder? Let us all pray for a revival. Now when we are confined. I hope you will. Some of Stan Telchin's testimony is on YouTube.


bob Hilt's comment on 2020-04-06 14:48:55:

Rome adopted the queen of heaven from the jews mentioned in Jeremiah 7:18


Mickey's comment on 2020-04-06 13:53:52:

Easter is a pagan name probably from Rome for a demonic deity named ISHTAR. Ishtar is another name for Queen of Heaven. Ishtar and Queen of Heaven can be found in your Bible concordance.rnHas nothing to do with bunnies or eggs.


michael's comment on 2020-04-06 05:35:16:

For me,this is the most unproved understanding of the word of god that needs to be settled,did jesus use the term easter,who used it?who is saying easter ,is it the romans?


Audrey Jones's comment on 2015-08-23 14:34:10:

Throughout Holy Scripture Creator God clearly warns against mixing pagan gods into our worship for the Christian community to perpetrate use of this term in reference to Christ's Resurrection and to muddy the Jewish Holy Days is reprehensible


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