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Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 19


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Mark Smith's Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 19 comment on 7/04/2022, 7:47am...

This is great insight and detail about God freeing the children of Israel from Egypt.


Chris's Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 19 comment on 10/09/2020, 1:02am...

That's a huge, open-ended question - you will get as many different answers, I would think.

I think that pastors/elders generally refrain from preaching on topics that are controversial (i.e. where there may be a divided opinion amongst the congregation over an issue). These matters may pop up during the course of a sermon, but I've not heard any clear, focused message on matters such as consumption of alcohol, homosexuality, divorce & re-marriage, God's requirements of governments, Law & Grace, Capital Punishment, dress standards, etc.

I know in more 'closed' congregations, these subjects are well understood, as the 'leader' over the congregations will have given directions for the people's understanding & acceptance of the Church's position on the matters, but in 'open' congregations, such subjects may be seen as divisive or even unworthy to bring up as a sermon, presuming that they would be of little spiritual exhortation.


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