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OLD MAN WILSON's Susanna Chapter 1 comment on 7/17/2022, 5:02pm...

Brother Peter:

Is Jesus Christ a LAMB.

Is Jesus Christ a TREE.

Is Jesus Christ a ROCK or STONE.

Is Jesus Christ a MOUNTAIN.

Is Jesus Christ WATER.

Is Jesus Christ a FOUNTAIN.

Is Jesus Christ a FIRE.

Is Jesus Christ an ANGEL.

Is Jesus Christ a SWORD, ETC.

There are hundreds of metaphors used to describe CHRIST and GOD.

Sun and Moon happen to be one of those metaphors.

You will never understand the WORD, until you understand the metaphors and parables of God.

May God Bless YOU.


Peter's Susanna Chapter 1 comment on 7/17/2022, 3:54pm...

God is Not a sun , but his creation , Jesus is not a moon , he's son of the living God. U are deceiving people by saying God the Sun , Son the moon .


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