John 8:58


“Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.”

King James Version (KJV)



Other Translations of John 8:58

“Iesus said vnto them, Uerely, verely I say vnto you, Before Abraham was, I am.”
King James Version (1611) - View original scan of John chapter 8

“Jesus said to them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I am."”
New American Standard Version (1995)

“Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was born, I am.”
American Standard Version (1901)

“Jesus said to them, Truly I say to you, Before Abraham came into being, I am.”
Basic English Bible

“Jesus said to them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.”
Darby Bible

“Jesus said to them: Amen, amen I say to you, before Abraham was made, I am. ”
Douay Rheims Bible

“Jesus said to them, Verily, verily, I say to you, Before Abraham was, I am. ”
Webster's Bible

“In most solemn truth, answered Jesus, "I tell you that before Abraham came into existence, I am."”
Weymouth Bible

“Jesus said to them, "Most certainly, I tell you, before Abraham came into existence, I AM."”
World English Bible

“Therfor Jhesus seide to hem, Treuli, treuli, Y seie to you, bifor that Abraham schulde be, Y am.”
Wycliffe Bible

“Jesus said to them, `Verily, verily, I say to you, Before Abraham's coming -- I am;'”
Youngs Literal Bible


Jesse's comment on 2021-08-30 18:48:44:


The instruction concerning deacons is found in 1 Timothy 3:8-13.

The word deacon, DIAKONOS, is literally the Greek word for a waiter, or waitress in a restaurant. It is somebody who serves, somebody who waits on people.

The actual office itself was not created by man for the church. It was actually created out of necessity and need. Back in Acts Chapter 6, there were a group of Hellenistic Jewish women and families who were being overlooked in the daily distribution of bread.

Not purposely, but in their community, these are Greek speaking Jews who are in a community together. And they were being overlooked in this distribution of bread.

So the disciples said choose out men who are of good report, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom that we may appoint over this matter.

And that was the beginning of deacons. It wasn't really an office in the church. It was the description of a server, someone to serve the physical needs of the believers just like it is in the church today, even though in the church today, it is an office called the deacon.

The Text in 1 Timothy tells us that the deacon or deacons, as they are appointed for office, they are supposed to be examples to the rest of the church.

In fact, it tells us in the text that they are to be lifted up, and actually it is the word pedestal, not for people to glorify them, but for them to be an example of what it means to be a server, because every believer is supposed to be a server. So they are the examples of what it means to serve.


Rick's comment on 2021-08-30 16:42:33:

Theresa Wilson 1 Timothy Chapter 3 complete talks about bishops and deacons or different leaders in the church. In His Service.


A Hodges's comment on 2021-08-30 16:37:50:

John 8:54 could coorespond with John 8 :58 . This may help you.


Theresa Wilson's comment on 2021-08-30 13:13:34:

Where n the bible does it talk about the role of deacons


Adam's comment on 2021-06-14 17:25:48:

I too believe that scripture plainly says Jesus is God in John 1:1. However, we are expressing our opinions and if that was banned then our opinions would be silenced also. Usually when someone wants censorship they usually just mean the opinions they disagree with, and don't want to be silenced themselves.

God wants to be sought. This involves effort. I think some things are meant to not be clear or understood immediately, and some things never. In Job, he questioned God why He did that to him, and instead of a direct answer he got an earful of how He was God and Job wasn't. The way I interpret it is like: how dare you question me with your tiny limited brain.

There are other places basically suggesting our capacity to comprehend everything is currently limited. There are mysteries and maybe more will be revealed in the afterlife.

Hebrews 11:3

Mark 4:11

Matt 13:11

Matt 6:33

Isaiah 40:4-5 - glory of the Lord will be revealed (in the future)

1 Tim 3:16

2 Thessalonians 2:11-13 - a 'strong delusion' will be sent. Judging by all the lies in the media it seems a delusion is happening now.


Tonya Rios's comment on 2021-06-14 04:22:47:

I really hope you people who openly write your opinions STOP!! Because yes in fact JESUS is saying before Abraham I AM , the same I AM that told Moses in the Old Testament. Isaiah 9:6 says it best who JESUS is and if you need New Testament to back up who HE is 1st Timothy 3:16 but this one clearly nails it John 1:10,11 He was in the world and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not. He came unto His own and his own received Him not.)HALLELUJAH GLORY BE TO GOD, JESUS is GOD Manifested in the flesh as 1st Timothy 3:16 and ISAIAH 9:6 so clearly and plainly put it!! Why do you think we are to be baptized in His Name ? ACTS 2:38 , because JESUS himself was Water baptized as an example to us as to what HE expects EVERYONE who WANTS SALVATION to do as HE Stated to Nicodemus in JOHN3:5 Verily, verily, I say unto thee .Except a man be born of the Water and of the Spirit , he cannot enter the kingdom of God. ( Peter Preached on the day of Pentecost in the book of ACTS 2:38 to Repent and be baptized in Jesus Name filled with the Holy Ghost. EPHESIANS 4:5 says One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism . ( John 1:1 through 5) in the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with God , and the Word was God . The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made.In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. ( Same as some people today ) In Jesus Name I Bid you Peace


Jiohdi's comment on 2020-11-11 20:18:35:

John 8:58 is clearly NOT referring to the I AM of Ex 3:14. The authors used the Septuagint Greek translation of Exodus where the I AM that Moses is told to say has sent him is not Ego Eimi (I am) but rather O on(The Eternal one). Jesus is not claiming nor has he ever claimed to be YHWH who was THE I AM sending Moses.


Simplebeing's comment on 2015-04-07 10:17:03:

There are lots of verses that indicated that Jesus is the One and the same God, and there are some too that indicated that He is the Son and not the Almighty One. This things are beyond our minds, but I prefer to believe that He is the only One. It make sense to me that the One who saved mankind is the same One who created us, because it will not make sense If the Almighty God we are talking about is not the one who sacrificed Himself for His creations. All His sacrifices will be futile.


John's comment on 2015-03-30 23:47:50:

What I believe Jesus was saying was, that yes Abraham was a great man but before he was aware of being Abraham. He was aware of Being - I AM. In other words I AM is pure unconditioned being. An individual expression of God and not separate in any way. Only in Spirit can one be individual and yet not separate. You I AM are aware of becoming conditioned as a physical form. Before you were aware of being who you are, you were aware of just -Being. I AM aware of being. Now when the I AM becomes defined in any way it is limited. So first you are I AM. Pure unconditioned being that is one with God- I AM that I AM. Notice here the name of God remains undefined or unlimited. There is no real definition here because to define the I AM is to limit it and God cannot be limited. The misunderstanding comes from the idea that Jesus was referring to himself personally. He was referring to the I AM or Christ within. The very essence of his being. This give us the power to proclaim the I AM for ourselves. This is not an ego thing. This is you identifying with the very essence of yourself to be whole and complete. The I AM can be seen as the Christ within. That is where we knock and it is opened.


F Stephen's comment on 2013-12-25 10:20:37:

Here, Jesus Christ clearly states His Divinity and Person.

That men may worship the Son as they worship the Father.

Oh I love Jesus because He first loved me!


lee's comment on 2013-11-01 04:49:07:

God; eternally existent, He also said,Abraham was.


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