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Psalms Chapter 17


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Vanessa's Psalms Chapter 17 comment on 7/22/2019, 12:59am...

There is times we feel so alone but we are never alone, God is always with us, sometimes we are in the desert, search our hearts and draw nearer to him, pray and glorify him always, he will never forsake you. He is a good God, a loving Father filled with mercy and grace we cant even imagine. Let us seek being the apple of his eye, not to the world. God Bless


Manuel Moreno's Psalms Chapter 17 comment on 1/26/2019, 12:51am...

As many psalms this one is talking about being rescued from those who plot evil against Gods people.It is also reassuring the author himself if of his inocence as hey says in verse
3.You have searched my heart through out the nite and have found nothing.We see hear also and exemplified as God being a Redeemer and an eagle protecting it's children.Many of Gods characteristics and traits in this P.


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