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1 Samuel Chapter 17


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Stanjett's 1 Samuel Chapter 17 comment on 11/27/2019, 5:54pm...

His height was "six cubits and a span," which, taking" "the cubit at 21 inches, is equal to 10 1 2 feet.


Wendy's 1 Samuel Chapter 17 comment on 10/04/2018, 6:31am...

I love this TRUE story from the Bible. Never gets old, as my oldest daughter likes to say. And that's so true - it is indeed invigorating to read just how God can use ANYBODY that has big faith. I loved the comment about how they might feel about our sports players of today, and is also a good point.

Most of all, I'm so grateful this God is our God and He'll do the same for us as He did David!!


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