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Jack's Jeremiah Chapter 50 comment on 11/10/2019, 2:13pm...

Hi Richard: If America isn't end of days Babylon, then America has about 102 coincidences:1. Came up a wilderness, 2.Has a mother Great Britain 3. The people have a voice in the government. 4. Has many lakes, rivers, and rivers that divide the land.5. Becomes the Hammer of the whole Earth. 6.The people as a whole have a better standard of living than other nations peoples. Ran out of characters


Charley's Jeremiah Chapter 50 comment on 11/10/2018, 7:27pm...

babylon is in rev 17 the harlot church rome and the apostate churches
the rome catholic church will play a big part in prophecy in these
last days the stage is being set 1 world church 1 world religion
jesus christ is the way the truth and the life. john 14-6
test the spirits many false churches preaching a different


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