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Isaiah Chapter 44


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JS's Isaiah Chapter 44 comment on 7/03/2019, 6:47am...

As Yahchanan indicates, the entire Bible is an invitation to accept God and praise Him as the creator and ONLY GOD. There are but two choices: receive Jesus as savior or refuse to accept Him and pay the penalty.


Chimfumpa Freddy's Isaiah Chapter 44 comment on 5/12/2019, 7:01am...

The Holy Spirit only comes from God the True Creator of the world and man.
Lets be careful with spiritisism We may think that we have the Holy spirit from God and yet it is the spirit from other evil gods, which claim to have the 'holy'spirit also.
So many people are possessed with the evil spirits thinking that they have the holy spirit. Even healing in the name of the 'Holy' spirit. Beware!


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